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Learning With Clontech

SMART and SMARTer kits allow you to synthesize high-quality cDNA for array probe generation, cDNA subtraction, “Virtual Northern” blots, cDNA sequencing, next generation sequencing or other applications, from as little as 1–2 ng of total RNA. SMART technology is especially useful for researchers who have limited starting material, such as RNA derived from laser-capture microscopy samples, cells sorted by flow cytometry, or other extremely small samples.

The entire SMART protocol is performed by one enzymatic reaction, in a single tube. Your precious RNA is subjected to the least possible handling, minimizing the potential degradation risks. The protocol is user friendly and straightforward with no adaptor ligation, no tailing, and no intervening purification steps. The resulting single-stranded cDNA can then be amplified by long-distance PCR.

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