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Learning With Clontech

Do you need to generate large amounts of a recombinant protein? Many investigators have turned to baculovirus expression systems. Compared to bacterial expression systems, the posttranslational processing and folding of recombinant proteins produced in insect cells more closely resembles mammalian processes, and the yields of functional protein are often much greater.

The BacPAK System (Cat. No. 631402) includes the transfer vectors, BacPAK6 Viral DNA, and the insect host cells needed for production of recombinant proteins and the Bacfectin Transfection Reagent for high efficiency transfections. Sequencing/PCR primers and control viruses are also included with the kit. For rapid determination of baculovirus titers, we recommend the BacPAK Rapid Titer Kit (Cat. No. 631406). BacPAK6 Viral DNA (Cat. No. 631401) can also be purchased separately.

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