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Real-time PCR tutorial | qPCR that Works

Real-time PCR tutorial | qPCR that Works

Scientists worldwide trust real-time PCR reagents from Takara Bio–even for the most demanding qPCR experiments.

When you use real-time PCR reagents that are sensitive and specific, you can spend less time on PCR troubleshooting and more time on moving your research forward. Takara Bio offers qPCR kits for use with both SYBR Green detection and TaqMan probes. Compatible with all major real time PCR instrument systems, these products allow you to obtain accurate, consistent results from a wide variety of sample types, even when other reagents fail. Want to try Takara Bio real time PCR reagents for yourself? Samples are available for many of our qPCR reagents.

Count on Takara Bio to help you choose the best qPCR products for plant, soil, blood, paraffin-embedded tissues, archival or degraded samples or when conducting gene expression studies, forensic research analyses, or other specific applications. Want to learn more about real-time PCR? Three videos produced by TATAA Biocenter in Europe help you understand everything from the basics of qPCR to data analysis techniques. Each 20- to 30-minute video can be watched at your convenience from the comfort of your office, lab, or home.

Direct RNA Sample preparation from cell culture


One Step RT-qPCR

Two Step RT-qPCR

qPCR premixes

SYBR Detection

TaqMan Probe detection

Application-specific qPCR

Part 1: Getting You Started

Learn how to:

  • Find the right detection method
  • Study your gene expression by RT-qPCR
  • Check the accuracy of your results

Speaker: Professor Mikael Kubista, TATAA Biocenter

webinar image


Part 2: Interpreting Your Data

Learn how to:

  • Determine Cq values
  • Obtain absolute quantification of your starting DNA
  • Define a good reference for relative quantification
  • Follow MIQE guidelines

Speaker: Robert Sjöback, Ph.D., TATAA Biocenter

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Part 3: Troubleshooting Your Results

Learn how to:

  • Identify potential pitfalls in qPCR data
  • Detect PCR inhibition
  • Control the quality of RNA and reverse transcription

Speaker: Kristina Lind, Ph.D., TATAA Biocenter

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