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PCR Troubleshooting for High Fidelity PCR - Watch the Video

PCR Troubleshooting for High Fidelity PCR - PrimeSTAR GXL and PrimeSTAR Max

No PCR product?...Suffering from PCR inhibition?...
Never fear, lab citizens - PrimeSTAR GXL and Max to the rescue!

When it comes to high-fidelity PCR, there are many villains lurking in the lab. Perhaps you've met some of the most notorious members of the gang of Difficults:

  • Dir T. Samples - specializes in PCR inhibition
  • Mr. GC Rich - adores stopping polymerases in their tracks with secondary structures
  • Long Ranger - foils your efforts to amplify large products during long range PCR
  • Polyphenol Man - loves to inhibit PCR reactions with excess polyphenols and polysaccharides
  • Ms. Stakes - has ruined many cloning and expression studies by introducing PCR errors

Don't let PCR failure leave you in despair. Learn more about overcoming the Difficults with PrimeSTAR GXL and PrimeSTAR Max polymerases in this video:

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Tired of PCR troubleshooting?
Contact Takara Bio and help from PrimeSTAR GXL and PrimeSTAR Max will be on the way!

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