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Protein Research

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Reagents for Protein Sequencing

Protein sequencing is often an important step toward understanding the relationship between a protein’s structure and function. The amino acid sequence of the protein itself can provide clues about the protein’s structure: stretches of hydrophobic residues may indicate transmembrane domains and particular residues are characteristic of a beta sheet secondary structure. N-terminal Edman degradation and mass spectrometry are methods used to determine the amino acid sequence of proteins and peptides. For Edman degradation, sequencing proceeds from the N-terminus, and N-terminal deblocking is sometimes necessary. In addition, peptides longer than 50-70 amino acids must be broken into small fragments that can be sequenced individually. Takara Bio offers a variety of high-quality reagents that can be used to prepare proteins for structural analysis. Takara’s aminopeptidases for N-terminal deblocking and protein fragmentation enzymes (for peptide bond cleavage) are free of trypsin-like and chymotrypsin-like proteases, and will help you prepare peptides for protein sequencing.

Protein sequencing and analysis reagents from Takara Bio:

Reagents for Protein Sequencing and Analysis | Peptide Fragmentation and N-terminal Deblocking for Protein Sequence Analysis
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