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Protein Research

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Tools for Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification

Recombinant protein expression and purification can be difficult. Every protein is unique, and successful protein expression can be affected by the nature of the protein itself – codon bias, need for post-translational modification, disulfide bond content, intrinsic stability, toxicity to the host cell, and ability to fold properly can all influence the design of protein expression strategies. Moreover, the particular downstream application (e.g., analysis of gene regulation, protein structure, protein-protein interactions, antibody production) influences the protein expression and purification strategy. Given these factors, researchers need a diverse set of tools and methods to overcome the challenges that accompany each protein purification project.

We offer a variety of protein expression and purification systems and reagents. Whether you are expressing in mammalian or prokaryotic systems, working with toxic proteins that require in vitro transcription and translation, or are struggling with protein insolubility and/or misfolding, our products help you reach your end goal: obtaining high yields of functional, soluble protein quickly.

Protein expression and purification products from Takara Clontech:

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