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IgG Detection Without a Secondary Antibody: Western BLoT Rapid Detect

Western BLot Rapid Detect is a detection reagent kit for Western blotting that detects primary antibodies using an antibody-free IgG Detector Solution (HRP-labeled). Compared with conventional detection techniques that use labeled secondary antibodies, this product provides faster, higher sensitivity detection and can be used for simultaneous detection of multiple types of primary antibodies.

The main component of this product is the IgG Detector, a HRP conjugate that binds IgG. On the surface of one molecule of IgG Detector there are approximately 100 antibody-binding protein molecules and approximately 50 molecules of HRP.

The performance of this kit has been validated in combination with the Western BLot HRP chemiluminescent substrate series.

At-A-Glance Documents


  • Rapid detection of Western blot signal without a labeled secondary antibody
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple primary antibodies
  • Detection of minute quantities of antigen that cannot be detected using conventional techniques with a labeled secondary antibody


  • Western blot signal detection without using a labeled secondary antibody
  • Secondary antibody enhancement: IgG Detector can be used after conventional techniques (labeled secondary antibody) to intensify the signal
  • Reprobing blots that produced a weak signal with conventional techniques (labeled secondary antibody)


IgG Detector Solution (HRP labeled)   
250 µL
20X Dilution Buffer   
50 mL
Enhancer for Mouse IgG 
250 µL
Marker Detection Reagent 
50 µL


20X Dilution Buffer:  
Other components:   

Note: Please store the IgG Detector Solution (HRP-labeled) at -20°C until immediately prior to use, and return to -20°C immediately after use. The reagent may degrade if stored at 4°C or room temperature.

Antibody Compatibility

This product can detect most primary antibodies with the exception of a few, such as goat IgG. If the primary antibody is a Goat IgG, this product cannot be used. However, this kit can be used for secondary antibody enhancement as described in the User Manual.

If the primary antibody is mouse IgG, the IgG Detector has low binding capacity. For detection of mouse IgG, add the Enhancer for Mouse IgG to the IgG Detector.

Cat. # Product Package Size Price # of Units Select
T7121A Western BLoT Rapid Detect 50 Rxns $427.00


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