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Western Blot Signal Enhancer: Western BLoT Immuno Booster

Western BLoT Immuno Booster can be used in a variety of immunoassays, including Western blotting and ELISA, to enhance antigen-antibody interactions and thereby increase final detection sensitivity (from 4-fold to over 10-fold). This product does not affect the activity of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) or alkaline phosphatase (AP), and therefore is compatible with enzyme conjugated secondary antibodies and with any detection method (i.e., colorimetric or luminescent).

To obtain the highest possible detection signal for Western blotting, use this product in combination with the Western BLoT HRP Substrate Series for HRP chemiluminescence.

At-A-Glance Documents


  • Enables detection of low abundance proteins without having to change HRP substrate or the amount of antibody


  • Western blot signal enhancer
  • Increases the final detection sensitivity in immunoassays, such as Western blots and ELISAs


Western BLoT Immuno Booster Solution 1   250 mL
Western BLoT Immuno Booster Solution 2   250 mL



Cat. # Product Package Size Price # of Units Select
T7111A Western BLoT Immuno Booster 500 mL $220.00


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