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qPCR products from Takara Bio

qPCR products from Takara Bio address three of
the most common issues in real-time PCR:

1. Specificity2. Sensitivity3. Trustworthiness
qPCR specificity image qPCR sensitivity image qPCR trustworthiness image

Whether you are using SYBR® Green or TaqMan® probes to detect your target, you need reliable performance from your qPCR reagents.

qPCR premixes from Takara Bio are trusted by researchers worldwide for excellent cDNA quantification, even for rare targets and long qPCR. The 2X premixes are easy to pipet to reduce error when setting up quantitative real-time PCR assays. The inclusion of Tli RNase H in the premix increases the reliability and reproducibility of qPCR detection, so you can focus on analyzing your data– and not trying to troubleshoot your reactions.

Why do Takara Bio qPCR premixes work so well?

  • High Sensitivity: Detects as few as 100 copies
  • RNase H included in Reaction Mix: reduces inhibition from mRNA/cDNA hybrids
  • Eliminates need for RNase H Digestion step when using low RNase H RT reactions
  • Work with Most Common Real Time Instruments: accurate quantification and excellent standard curves
First Choice for qPCR: SYBR® Premix Ex Taq™ II (Tli RNaseH+) (RR820)
  • Superior Specificity: limits primer dimers and off-target amplification
SYBR Premix Ex Taq II Specificity
Target: ACTB (186 bp)
Results: Superior Specificity, maintains signal below baseline in no template control reactions

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Long Target qPCR Reactions: SYBR® Premix Ex Taq™ (Tli RNaseH+) (RR420)
  • Greater Real-Time Results with Longer Amplicons: amplify targets up to ~533 bp
SYBR Premix Ex Taq Results Target: ACTB (533 bp)
Results: Superior performance on long fragments and excellent Cq values when using SYBR® Premix Ex Taq™ (Tli RNase H+)(RR420)

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Best Performance with TaqMan® Probe: Premix Ex Taq™ (Probe qPCR)(RR390)

  • Use with TaqMan® Probe for Excellent Cq Values
Premix Ex Taq performance Data using the Premix Ex Taq™(Probe qPCR) product on the Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus instrument and the Roche LightCycler 480 is shown.

Template: mouse liver cDNA (equivalent total RNA 1 pg ~ 100 ng)
Target: Ywhae (using TaqMan Gene Expression Assays)

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