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High fidelity polymerases: PrimeSTAR GXL and PrimeSTAR Max

high fidelity polymerases for cloning & expression, long range PCR, fast PCR, or GC-rich PCR, PrimeSTAR GXL & PrimeSTAR Max


high fidelity polymerases: PrimeSTAR GXL and PrimeSTAR Max

For certain PCR methods, avoiding PCR-induced errors is critical. Applications requiring high fidelity polymerases include cloning and expression projects, structure-function studies, molecular genetics, and molecular evolution. However, conventional high-fidelity polymerases have limited processivity and extension rate and fail to perform in presence of excess template, with GT-rich or AT-rich templates, or on crude samples.

Takara's high-fidelity PCR enzymes, PrimeSTAR GXL and PrimeSTAR Max, are PCR superheroes: they save the day during standard and challenging PCR conditions alike.

see the PrimeSTAR Max/GXL VideoPrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase is the high-fidelity polymerase of choice not only for standard reactions but also for GC-rich PCR, excess template, and long range PCR. Instead of subcloning smaller fragments, use PrimeSTAR GXL to amplify up to 30 kb with little to no PCR optimization required. It succeeds even with templates having >70% GC, >70% AT, or repeated sequences.

When fidelity is critical or you are performing fast PCR, choose PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase. It has the highest fidelity of any commercially available enzyme and is blazingly fast. Extension steps may be set as low as 5-10 sec per kb. PrimeSTAR Max is formulated as a premix for hot-start PCR–convenient for high-throughput studies.


Which high fidelity polymerase should you choose

    The first choice for most conditions: PrimeSTAR GXL   When fidelity is critical: PrimeSTAR MAX
Cloning & expression studies



Fast PCR  
Long range PCR  
GC-rich PCR  
Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Structure-function studies  
Fidelity* 1 error/~16,230 bp 1 error/~45,200 bp
Amplicon size Up to 30 kb (human genomic)
or 13.5 kb (human cDNA)
Up to 16 kb (human genomic, cDNA)
or 10 kb (E. coli genomic)
  Learn more about PrimeSTAR GXL Learn more about PrimeSTAR Max

*Tested on 10 arbitrarily selected GC-rich targets from Thermus thermophilus HB8 genomic DNA. Each amplicon was approx. 500 bp. PCR products were cloned and multiple plasmids were sequenced. A total of 486,923 bp were sequenced for PrimeSTAR GXL and 542,580 bp for PrimeSTAR Max

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