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High Fidelity Polymerase: PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase

PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase is a high fidelity polymerase that provides efficient PCR amplification even in challenging situations, such as when amplifying GC-rich templates, when there is excess template in the reaction mixture, and when amplifying long products up to 30 kb. PrimeSTAR GXL Polymerase is the most robust high fidelity polymerase available, routinely allowing amplification of PCR products that cannot be amplified by other enzymes. PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase saves time by minimizing optimization efforts and amplifying targets regardless of the conditions, and its antibody-mediated hot-start formulation enhances PCR specificity and sensitivity. The PrimeSTAR GXL kit includes buffer and dNTPs.

PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase is a modified version of the PrimeSTAR HS enzyme that includes an elongation factor. This combination enables unsurpassed processivity. PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase displays outstanding performance in reactions containing excessive nucleic acids. Extraneous DNA ordinarily inhibits amplification by conventional polymerases because the amount of effective polymerase is limited by nonspecific binding. Thanks to the superior processivity of PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase, inhibition by excessive nucleic acids is limited, resulting in a much higher PCR success rate.

A royalty-free, Special Polymerase (SP) version is available for OEM and commercial use.

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  • Successful, robust and high fidelity PCR regardless of conditions
  • Amplification of products up to 30 kb (human genomic DNA), 40 kb (lambda DNA) or 13.5 kb (human cDNA)
  • Easy amplification of GC- or AT-rich templates and targets containing repeats
  • High tolerance for GC-rich templates, excess nucleic acids, and amplifying long products


  • Buffer and dNTPs are conveniently provided in the PrimeSTAR GXL kit
  • Highest processivity of all commercially-available high-fidelity DNA polymerases
  • Antibody-mediated hot-start formulation
  • Proven performance as reported in peer-reviewed literature
  • A royalty-free, Special Polymerase (SP) version is available for OEM and commercial use



(200 reactions, 50 µL reaction volume)
PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase (1.25 U/µL)200 µL
5X PrimeSTAR GXL Buffer (Mg2+ plus)*1 mL x 2
dNTP Mixture (2.5 mM each)800 µL

* Mg2+ concentration is 5 mM (5X)


Termini of PCR Products

PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase generates products with blunt ends. It is suitable for use in conjunction with blunt-ended cloning systems.


    -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.

Recommended Maximum Amplicon Length

  • Up to 30 kb (human genomic DNA template)
  • Up to 40 kb (lambda DNA template)
  • Up to 13.5 kb (human cDNA template)



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New Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
  R050A PrimeSTAR® GXL DNA Polymerase 250 Units $198.00 License Statements
  R050B PrimeSTAR® GXL DNA Polymerase 1,000 Units $620.00 License Statements
RF220Q PrimeSTAR® GXL SP Polymerase 250 U $198.00 License Statements


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