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Molecular Biology

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 Yeast Processing Reagent (for Total RNA Preparation)

The Yeast Processing Reagent (for total RNA preparation) from Takara Bio is a pretreatment reagent that may be used in combination with RNA purification reagents to enable RNA isolation from yeast. Pretreatment of yeast cells with this product comprises two steps: 1) Washing and recovery of yeast cells by centrifugation, and 2) Yeast cell wall disruption via Yeast Processing Enzyme Solution (containing a cell wall degradation enzyme) and Yeast Processing Buffer. Because yeast cell wall disruption occurs through enzymatic activity, the time-consuming cell lysis protocols using glass beads and liquid nitrogen required in conventional methods are unnecessary. 

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  • RNA isolation from yeast
  • Yeast cell wall disruption


Yeast Processing Buffer1.6 mL
Yeast Processing Enzyme Solution160 µL
RNase-free DNase I120 µL
10X DNase I Buffer80 µL

Cat. # Product Package Size Price # of Units Select
9089 Yeast Processing Reagent (for Total RNA preparation) 20 Rxns $128.00


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