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Molecular Biology

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Retroviral Vector: pDON-Al-2

pDON-Al-2 is a retroviral vector intended for high-efficiency gene transduction in mammalian cells. This mammalian expression vector contains the psi virus packaging signal and LTR viral element; however, it does not contain the gag, pol and env viral genes required for particle formation and replication. Furthermore, the U3 region of the retroviral vector's 5' LTR is substituted with a more powerful cytomegalovirus-derived promoter, enabling high gene transduction and transcription efficiency as well as the ability to generate high titer recombinant retrovirus. pDON-Al-2 also carries a human actin-derived intron and splice acceptor upstream of the multiple cloning site that increases the efficiency of target gene expression following gene transduction.

pDON-AI-2 Neo DNA mammalian expression vector (Cat.# 3653) encodes a neomycin resistance gene as a drug selection marker.

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  • Retrovirus-mediated mammalian cell gene transduction 


1. Kim, H.S. et al. (1998) J. Virol. 72:994-1004.

Cat. # Product Package Size Price License # of Units Select
3654 pDON-AI-2 DNA 20 ug $370.00 License Statements
3653 pDON-AI-2 Neo DNA 20 ug $370.00 License Statements


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