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Adenovirus Expression Kit

Takara's Adenovirus Expression Kit offers a viral expression system for mammalian cells that utilizes two different methods for recombinant adenovirus production. In the Adenovirus Dual Expression Kit (EF1alpha), a full-length DNA transfer method uses target gene-containing cosmid vector for adenovirus production. In essence, recombinant adenovirus is generated via recombinant cosmids that have been created using direct insertion of the target gene into the cosmid (i.e., no shuttle vector required). Alternately, via the cosmid and terminal protein complex or COS-TPC method, target gene-containing cosmid vector is co-transfected with a TPC-associated adenovirus DNA fragment into 293 cells. The Adenovirus Genome DNA-TPC method may be performed in situations where, due to the characteristics of the gene, use of the full-length DNA transfer method may not result in sufficient recombinant adenovirus production. Takara's adenovirus expression kit offers increased recombinant adenovirus production (up to two orders of magnitude) compared with conventional viral expression systems for mammalian cells.

Takara's viral expression system for mammalian cells (Adenovirus Expression Vector Kit, Adenovirus Dual Expression Kit (EF1α)) contains sufficient reagent for both full-length DNA transfer and COS-TPC methods (except for Adenovirus Genome DNA-TPC, which is sold separately).

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  • Adenovirus expression
  • Recombinant cosmid preparation 


6170 and 6174 - 5 reactions (1 kit)

Cosmid Vector pAxcwit* (0.3 µg/µL) 25 µL
Cosmid Vector pAxCAwtit** (0.3 µg/µL) 25 µL
Restriction Enzyme Smi I (Swa I) (10 U/µL) 20 µL
10X H Buffer100 µL
Restriction Enzyme BspT104 I (10 U/µL)30 µL
10X L Buffer 100 µL
DNA Dissolution Buffer 50 µL
Ligation Solution50 µL
10X TNE 2 x 1 mL
Proteinase K (20 mg/mL)200 µL
10% SDS200 µL
Control Cosmid pAxCAiLacZit*** (0.3 µg/µL)50 µL
 *With no promoter
 **With CAG promoter
 ***pAxCAwtit with beta-gal gene insertion

6171 - 5 reactions (50 µL)

Adenovirus genome DNA-TPC50 µL


  • 6170 and 6174: –20°C. 10% SDS may be thawed at 37°C and stored at room temperature.
  • 6171: Adenovirus genome DNA-TPC: –80°C. Note: product efficiency may be decreased by repeated freeze-thaw.


1. Miyake, S. et al. (1996) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93:1320-1324.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
6170 Adenovirus Dual Expression Kit 5 Rxns $471.00 License Statements
6174 Adenovirus Dual Expression Kit (EF1alpha) 5 Rxns $541.00 License Statements
6171 Adenovirus Genome DNA-TPC 5 Rxns $236.00  



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