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Antibodies to Neural Progenitor Cells | Antibodies to L7/Pcp2, Otp, Emx 1, Six3, and Otx2

Neural progenitor cells express characteristic protein biomarkers, and antibodies to these biomarkers allow analysis of cell differentiation during embryonic development and organogenesis. These antibodies are of particular use for studies in the field of regenerative medicine, may be used as neurogenesis differentiation markers with induced ES or iPS cells, and are suitable for immunohistochemistry on fixed tissue and western blotting. L7 antibodies allow detection of Purkinje cells, which are the output neurons of the cerebellar cortex.  Otp antibodies can be used to identify differentiating hypothalamic neuroendocrine cells. Antibodies to Emx1 allow detection of this cerebral cortical marker during early embryogenesis. Six3 antibodies can have been used to study generation of rostral hypothalamic-like progenitors from mouse ES cell-derived neuroectodermal cells. Otx2 antibodies have been used to study differentiation of retinal progenitors in embryonic neural retina and induced ES cells in culture.

These polyclonal antibodies were developed in the laboratory of Yoshiki Sasai, M.D., PhD, Center for Developmental Biology (RIKEN).

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Neural Progenitor Cells: Antibody Specifications

Cat. #

Antibody to

Cell type detected


Host species

Alternative names for target



Mouse L7/Pcp2

Purkinje progenitor cells

KLH-conjugated peptide [AALSF RRNSS PQPQT QAP] from the C-terminal region of mouse L7/Pcp2


Purkinje cell protein 2, GPSM4, MGC41903, Purkinje cell protein 2 homolog, Purkinje cell-specific protein L7

C-terminal region of mouse L7/Pcp2.


Mouse Otp

Hindbrain and hypothalamic neurons during embryonic development

KLH-conjugated peptide [LRRKA LEHTV SMSFT] from the C-terminal region of mouse Otp

Guinea pig

orthopedia homeobox, orthopedia homolog, homeobox protein orthopedia, MGC3161

C-terminal region of mouse Otp


Mouse Emx 1

Cerebral cortex neurons during embryonic development

KLH-conjugated peptide [ESEQK KKGSH HINRW RIATK QANGE DIDVT SND] of mouse Emx1

Guinea pig

empty spiracles homeobox 1, Empty spiracles homolog 1, Empty spiracles-like protein 1, empty spiracles homolog 1 (Drosophila), homeobox protein EMX1, EMX1_HUMAN

C-terminal region of mouse Emx1


Mouse Six3

Rostral brain progenitors; forebrain and retina, early embryonic development and central nervous system development

KLH-conjugated peptide [RLQHQ AIGPS GMRSL AEPGC] from the C-terminal region of mouse Six3


SIX homeobox 3, HPE2, Sine oculis homeobox homolog 3, holoprosencephaly 2, alobar or semilobar sine oculis homeobox homolog 3 (Drosophila), homeobox protein SIX3,


C-terminal region of mouse Six3


Mouse Otx2

Retinal photoreceptor cells (cone cells and rod cells) during embryonic development

KLH-conjugated peptide [CGSYL TPMHH QLPGP GATLS PMGTN] from the C-terminal region of mouse Otx2


orthodenticle homeobox 2, Orthodenticle homolog 2, MCOPS5, orthodenticle homolog 2 (Drosophila), CPHD6, homeobox protein OTX2, MCOPS 5, MGC45000, Orthodenticle 2, Otx 2, otx2, OTX2_HUMAN

C-terminal region of mouse Otx2.


Human Otx2

Retinal photoreceptor cells (cone cells and rod cells) during embryonic development

KLH-conjugated peptide [CGSYL TPMHH QLPGP GATLS PMGTN] from the C-terminal region of human Otx2


As described above

C-terminal region of human Otx2.


  • Immunohistochemical staining on fixed tissue
  • Western blotting under reducing conditions (M196, M197)


Frozen solution in 10 mM PBS, pH 7.4. If dilution is necessary for your experimental application, dilute in a solution of 10 mM PBS pH 7.4 and 1.0% BSA just prior to use. Do not store diluted antibody.


0.2 mg IgG per 100 µl


Store the stock solution (2.0 mg/mL) in aliquots at -20°C. Stock solution may be stored at 4°C for up to 6 months after adding sodium azide to a final concentration of 0.1%. Diluted antibody is prone to degredation; do not store at a concentration of less than 2.0 mg/ml.

Cat. # Product Package Size Price # of Units Select
M194 Polyclonal Antibody to Mouse L7/Pcp2 100 uL $386.00
M195 Polyclonal Antibody to Mouse Otp 100 uL $386.00
M196 Polyclonal Antibody to Mouse Emx1 100 uL $386.00
M197 Polyclonal Antibody to Mouse Six3 100 uL $386.00
M198 Polyclonal Antibody to Mouse Otx2 100 uL $386.00
M199 Polyclonal Antibody to Human Otx2 100 uL $386.00


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