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Cell Biology

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Anti-Lin28 Monoclonal Antibody

Lin28 is an undifferentiated embryonic stem cell marker and is one of four reported factors (OCT4, SOX2, NANOG, and LIN28) capable of reprogramming human somatic cells to an undifferentiated state. These pluripotent stem cells exhibit the essential characteristics of embryonic stem (ES) cells.

Anti-Lin28 monoclonal antibody is raised against recombinant full-length human Lin28 protein, an undifferentiated embryonic stem cell marker. Human Lin28 (Lin 28) antibody may be used for Western blot and immunocytochemistry applications.

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  • Human Lin28 (Lin 28) antibody specifically reacts with human Lin28
  • Antibody subclass: IgG2b
  • Clone: LIN28 91-12A
  • Form: Lyophilized


  • Western blot analysis under reducing conditions
  • Immunocytochemistry



Anti-Lin28 monoclonal antibody was obtained by fusing the mouse myeloma P3U1 cell line with C57BL/6 mouse lymph node cells following immunization with recombinant full-length human Lin28 protein (NP_078950). Human Lin28 (Lin 28) antibody was harvested from SCID mouse ascitic fluid.



This product does not contain preservative. The stock solution (2.0 mg/mL) should be stored in aliquots at –20° for up to 1 year or at 4° for up to 6 months after adding 0.1% sodium azide. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw. Diluted antibody should not be stored.


Store antibody at a minimum concentration of 2.0 mg/ml. Lower antibody concentrations may result in decreased product stability. Reconstituted antibody solution should contain 0.1% sodium azide as a preservative when stored at 4°C.

Dissolve the lyophilized antibody in 50 μL of distilled water (final concentration 2.0 mg/mL). This solution can be used as a stock solution. If further dilution is required, dilute with the Dilution Solution (listed below) just prior to use. When the entire amount of antibody is to be used over a short period of time, it may be dissolved directly in 500 μL or more of Dilution Solution.

Dilution Solution:

  • 10 mM PBS (pH 7.4)
  • 1.0% BSA
  •  (0.1% NaN3)*

* When stored at 4°C, 0.1% sodium azide should be added as a preservative.


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