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Rat IgG EIA Kit

The Rat IgG EIA Kit is a quantitative enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) that uses rat-specific polyclonal antibody to IgG. This kit can be used not only to measure IgG in rat blood samples regardless of strain, but it can also monitor antibody production in hybridoma cells. This kit is supplied with a ready-to-use plate coated with a solid-phase capture antibody. Kit usage and dosage instructions are designed to allow for simple yet highly sensitive detection of rat IgG in only 60 minutes.

Immunoglobulins (Ig) are proteins that play a key role in antibody-mediated immunity, one of the host's key defense mechanisms. There are 5 classes of immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE and IgD) present in animals, with IgG accounting for 80% of immunoglobulins found in blood. IgG levels vary greatly depending on immune response; however, IgG is generally present in the blood from 3–10 mg/mL. This is a high enough concentration for IgG to be easily detected without the need for a high sensitivity ELISA.

Monoclonal antibodies are single clone immunoglobulins produced by hybridoma cells, which are a fusion between antibody-forming cells and tumor cells grown in culture. Monoclonal antibody production technology is now well established, with it being relatively easy to construct heterohybridomas through the fusion of rat lymphoma cells with mouse myeloma cells. However, unlike the IgG antibody levels measured in blood, heterohybridoma supernatant antibody levels are low and require a high sensitivity assay for detection. The Rat IgG EIA Kit is therefore indispensible for assaying rat IgG production during the maintenance of rat monoclonal antibody-producing heterohybridomas.

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  • Measures IgG in rat blood samples and monitors antibody production in rat-monoclonal antibody-producing hybridomas.
  • High sensitivity sandwich ELISA that comes with a ready-to-use plate coated with solid-phase capture antibody.
  • Entire assay can be completed in only 60 minutes.


  • Assay rat immunoglobulin in serum
  • Measure IgG concentration in culture supernatants of heterohybridomas during rat monoclonal antibody production


Antibody coated microtiter plate (96 wells: 8 wells × 12 strips)2 plates
Antibody - peroxidase conjugate (lyophilized)for 11 mL x 2
Standard (lyophilized)




Range of assay:Standard protocol : 10 - 640 ng/ml
High-sensitivity protocol : 2.5 - 160 ng/ml
Sensitivity:Standard protocol : 10 ng/ml
High-sensitivity protocol : 2.5 ng/ml
Assay duration:

Standard protocol : 3.5 hours

High-sensitivity protocol : 1 hour

Specificity:Rat IgG
Test specimen type:Rat serum and plasma or rat hybridoma culture supernatant and ascites, etc.
Specimen volume required:100 µl/assay well

Cat. # Product Package Size Price # of Units Select
MK138 Rat IgG EIA Kit 96 Rxns $893.00


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