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Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptides

Takara's Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptides are synthetic peptides used for fibronectin receptor binding experiments. Two versions are available. The first, Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptide (GRGDSP) (Cat. # SP001) contains the arginine-glycine-aspartic acid (RGD) cell adhesion sequence, enabling its binding to fibronectin receptors. This peptide can be used as a competitive inhibitor of fibronectin for adhesion-blocking studies. Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptide (GRGESP) (Cat. # SP002) contains a glutamic acid (E) in place of the aspartic acid (D). This single amino acid substitution prevents the binding of Cat. # SP002 with fibronectin receptors, making this peptide a suitable non-inhibitory control for cell adhesion experiments using fibronectin.

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  • Fibronectin receptor binding 
  • Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptide (GRGDSP): Fibronectin inhibitor
  • Adhesion-blocking experiments with fibronectin


>98% by HPLC




Lyophilized white powder


1. Pytela, R. et al. (1985) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 82:5766-5770.

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SP001 Fibronectin Related Peptide GRGDSP 1 mg $112.00
SP002 Fibronectin Related Peptide GRGESP 1 mg $112.00



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