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Human Intelectin-1 Antibody

Lectins are sugar-binding proteins that play a role in biological recognition of specific sugar-containing molecules. Human intelectin-1 (encoded by the ITLNI gene) was first identified by its binding to galactofuranosyl residues. Intelectin-1 functions as a receptor for both bacterial arabinogalactans and lactoferrin. It has no effect on basal glucose uptake but enhances insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in adipocytes. Recently, it was found that intelectin-1 may be a useful molecular marker for epithelioid-type malignant pleural mesotheliomas (MPMs).

This product is an affinity-purified IgG antibody that recognizes human intelectin-1 protein. The antibody was raised in mouse using recombinant intelectin-1, and can be used for Western blot (WB) detection or immunohistochemical (IHC) detection of human intelectin-1 protein.

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  • Cat.#: 10383A, 10383B
  • Target Name: Human intelectin-1 protein
  • Antigen: Human intelectin-1 recombinant protein
  • Specificity: Does not cross-react with mouse, rat, or bovine intelectin; does not cross-react with human intelectin-2
  • Application: WB, IHC
  • Target Entrez Gene ID: 55600


Recommended antibody concentration (the optimal concentration should be determined empirically):

  • Western blot: 1–5 µg/mL
  • Immunohistochemical techniques: 0.5–1.0 µg/mL


Lyophilized: stable 5 years at 2–8°C. In solution: stable 2 years at –20°C.


Lyophilized from an antibody solution containing 1% BSA in PBS and 0.05% NaN3. To use, reconstitute in 1.0 mL H2O (final concentration 100 µg/mL).

Alternative names

Intestinal lactoferrin receptor, galactofuranose-binding lectin, omentin, HL1, HL-1, LFR, INTL, ITLN, hIntL, FLJ200221

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
10383A Anti-Human Intelectin-1 (3G9) Mouse IgG MoAb 10 ug $113.00
10383B Anti-Human Intelectin-1 (3G9) Mouse IgG MoAb 100 ug $499.00



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