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That's Good Science! | videos
That's Good Science!

That's Good Science! | videos - season two

A Closer Look at Seemingly Identical Cells
2.01 | A Closer Look at Seemingly Identical Cells

For the first time, new tools allow researchers to see differences in gene expression and splicing in individual immune cells.

Becoming Blood Cells
2.02 | Becoming Blood Cells

By reprogramming differentiated cells, researchers uncover a new source for blood-forming stem cells—and take a major step toward improved therapy for blood diseases.

Creating Cancer Killers
2.03 | Creating Cancer Killers

Researchers harness the power of the body's own immune system to develop a promising new treatment strategy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

A SMARTer Way to Study Parkinson's Disease
2.04 | A SMARTer Way to Study Parkinson's Disease

Can smoking protect the brain? To find out, researchers look at single cells in the hope of fighting neurodegenerative disease.

Faster PCR Means Faster Forensic Analysis
2.05 | Faster PCR Means Faster Forensic Analysis

A thorough test of PCR polymerases reveals an enzyme that reduces processing time and maintains performance levels critical for forensic assays.

Advancing Vaccines for Tropical Diseases
2.06 | Advancing Vaccines for Tropical Diseases

High-throughput screening of vaccine candidates brings hope to the hundreds of millions at risk for deadly tropical diseases, including malaria.

Humanizing the Study of Hepatotoxicity
2.07 | Humanizing the Study of Hepatotoxicity

The study of liver toxicity during drug development takes a great leap forward, thanks to the first clinically relevant human in vitro liver model.


Protecting Pandas from Extinction
2.08 | Protecting Pandas from Extinction

Researchers develop a system using "SMART" genetic tools to help protect these beloved black and white bears, threatened by the destruction of their habitat.

Crisper Cloning
2.09 | Crisper Cloning

Using a fresh cloning approach, a postdoc discovers a method for constructing the tools necessary to generate mutant Arabidopsis plants.

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2.10 | Accelerating Research in Breast Cancer

A more streamlined, accurate approach to personalized genome sequencing means better detection of disease-causing alleles for breast cancer patients.

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2.11 | Protecting the Food Supply with PCR

A team of scientists discovers how to protect corn crops from a devastating blight by using a PCR-based method to identify a major bacterial pathogen.

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2.12 | Humanizing the Study of Cardiotoxicity

With help from stem cells, researchers create highly functional in vitro models to improve human toxicity studies during drug development.

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