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Translational Research | qPCR
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Translational Research | qPCR

Robust real-time PCR reagents for translational research

Real-time PCR (qPCR) allows efficient, quantitative analysis of many processes and biological events important in translational or clinical research, including assays for genetic variation analysis, cancer genetics or genomics, drug metabolism alleles, and biomarker detection. qPCR is also commonly used as a validation technique to confirm or further evaluate candidate genes or cDNAs identified as being of importance to disease states during NGS studies.

Our premixes for qPCR with either TaqMan® probe or SYBR® detection are designed to meet the demands of translational research applications. These qPCR products include Tli RNase H directly in the master mix, which removes RNA in RNA-DNA hybrids and helps to expose primer binding sites. Performance is thereby increased because residual RNA doesn’t compete for primers. As a result, your real time PCR reactions are faster: you can reduce the extension step to 20 seconds routinely.

TaqMan Probe Detection

Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR) kits are available in a variety of sizes and formulations for uses ranging from routine screens to high-throughput studies. Compatible with all major real time PCR instrument systems, Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR) is a convenient 2X master mix, minimizing pipetting steps. Two different ROX reference dyes are included separately for well-to-well normalization. This premix also enables fast qPCR protocols. It has been used by researchers for pathogen studies and detection of miRNA and mRNA biomarkers involved in cancer.

  • Premix Ex Taq (Probe qPCR) kits are compatible with all major instruments, including:
    • ABI PRISM 7000/7700
    • Applied Biosystems 7300/7500/7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Systems
    • StepOnePlus Real-Time PCR System (Life Technologies)
    • LightCycler (Roche)
    • System/Smart Cycler II System (Cepheid)
    • Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-Rad)
    • Mx3000P (Agilent Technologies)

SYBR Green Detection

For qPCR with SYBR Green detection we offer two choices of premixes, each providing low Cq values.

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