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Translational Research | Sample Prep Overview
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Translational Research | Sample Prep Overview

Stress-free DNA and RNA sample preparation for translational research

To support translational research studies using Next Generation Sequencing, we offer dedicated products for your NGS workflow. High-quality, target-enriched samples allow you to overcome sample prep bottlenecks in your NGS protocols and generate the most data from limited sequencing capacity.

Whether you are working with whole blood, precious clinical samples, frozen tissue, or FFPE samples, rely on Clontech for MN sample preparation and sample clean-up products. This deep and broad product portfolio features ultra-efficient NucleoSpin silica membrane technology, high-capacity NucleoBond anion exchange columns, and NucleoMag magnetic separation technology. Altogether, these products and kits are optimized for time-saving, simplified workflows and efficient isolation of high-quality RNA, miRNA, or genomic DNA. They have a proven track record for sample preparation in translational research studies.

Kits for Nucleic Acid Sample Clean-Up prior to NGS

DNA Clean-Up:

RNA Clean-Up:

Selection Guide: Kits for RNA Purification › ›

Selection Guide: Kits for Genomic DNA Purification › ›

*Use these kits to isolate DNA from whole blood (treated with citrate, EDTA, heparin, or CDPA), serum, plasma, buffy coats, platelets, or bodily fluids (e.g., amniotic fluid).

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