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Clontech, the Clontech logo, 2i, 3i, 4i, Adeno-X, Advantage, ApoAlert, AutophagSENSE, BacPAK, BakPAK6, Bca-Optimized, Biotin-ON, BioView, BrewSAVE, CalPhos, Cell Generation, Cellartis, CherryPicker, CHROMA SPIN, CloneAmp, ColdShock-DICER, DIFF-KIT, Diversify, DNA SMART, EcoDry, EcoPack, EpiXplore, ExpressHyb, ExScript, FideliSTAR, Fusion-Blue, GenomeWalker, GlycoTAG, GoStix, Great EscAPe, GS1-R, GS2-M, Guide-it, HAT, HisTALON, Hyper-PCR, ICAN, iDimerize, In-Fusion, IntelliGene, iSTEM, Knockout, Lenti-X, Living Colors, LuminoShot, Lymphomate, LymphoONE, Marathon, Matchmaker, Mate&Plate, Megaclone, Megasort, MightyAmp, Mir-X, MTC, MTN, NKT Enhancer, PALSTATION, PASSAID, PCR-Select, PrimeGel, ProteoGuard, ProteoTuner, QTaq, Quant-X, QUICK-Clone, QuickCut, Ready-To-Glow, Retro-X, RetroPack, RHB-A, RHB-BASAL, RiboGone, RNAiMonitor, SC PROVEN, SC PROVEN, SeqAmp, si-RNAse III, SimplePrep, SMART, SMART-Seq, SMARTer, SMARTer-Seq, SMARTerSeq, SMARTScribe, SMARTSeq, SPPS, Sprint, Stellar, STEM101, STEM111, STEM121, STEM123, STEM20, Super SMART, SureLABEL, TaKaRa RNA PCR, TALON, TaqStart, Terra, Tet-Express, Tet-Off, Tet-On, Tet-One, that's GOOD science!, Titanium, Tks Gflex, Transformer, Ultra, Uni-Link, Xfect, Yeastmaker, are trademarks of Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
iDimerize products are sold under license from ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Illumina, Genome Analyzer, GAIIx, HiSeq, HiScan, HiScanSQ, MiSeq, Nextera, and NextSeq are registered trademarks or trademarks of Illumina, Inc.
RetroNectin is a registered trademark of Takara Bio Inc.
SYBR is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes, Inc.
All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks may not be registered in all jurisdictions.
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