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New Products

ChIP-Seq Libraries Powered by DNA SMART Technology

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments often yield very small amounts of DNA. Unfortunately, most next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation methods use ligation to add sequencing adapters and require a larger amount of DNA. The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit eliminates this problem; instead of using ligation, Illumina® sequencing adapters are added directly to low-input ChIP DNA samples via a novel, SMART-based template switching technology. Eliminating ligation from library preparation means only a single, combined size selection and clean-up step is needed, leading to higher yield and a simpler workflow.

  • Flexible DNA inputs: 100 pg–10 ng of either ssDNA or dsDNA, or total DNA from 10,000–1,000,000 cell ChIP experiments
  • Illumina-ready sequencing libraries in around 4 hours: Illumina indexes and adaptors incorporated into the workflow
  • Excellent sequencing metrics: High non-redundant rate, high reproducibility between different sample inputs, and high overlap with data generated by the ENCODE project

Learn about all of our products for NGS: www.clontech.com/NGS

Highly sensitive quantification of Illumina® next generation sequencing libraries

The Library Quantification Kit provides a highly-sensitive, qPCR-based quantification method for measuring DNA libraries for Illumina-based NGS. The kit contains all of the reagents necessary for absolute quantification of sequencing libraries containing Illumina adapters. Use this kit prior to sequencing to ensure optimal loading concentration, thereby reducing cluster density variability and improving sequencing results.

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