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New Products

Move beyond traditional immunoprecipitation (IP) and co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) workflows

Although IPs and Co-IPs are still frequently used to study protein interactions, the traditional purification methods used for isolation of the antigen-protein complexes can be time-consuming. The Capturem IP & Co-IP Kit combines high-capacity, membrane-based Capturem Protein A columns with optimized lysis, wash, and elution buffers for a complete, easy-to-use solution.

  • Isolates antibody-bound protein complexes in just 15 minutes—from incubation of antibody with sample through elution
  • Reduces the chances of aggregation, loss of activity, and complex disassociation
  • Includes Capturem Protein A columns and optimized IP buffers

CRISPR/Cas9 editing made faster by protein delivery

Guide-it Recombinant Cas9 (Electroporation-Ready) is the newest addition to our line of products for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing experiments. Delivery of Cas9-sgRNA ribonucleoprotein complexes provides a fast turnaround for gene-editing experiments while minimizing the likelihood of off-target effects compared to vector-based approaches.

  • Works well in hard-to-transfect cell lines
  • Minimizes off-target effects—better than plasmid-based delivery systems 
  • Enables highly efficient editing when combined with our Guide-it Complete sgRNA Screening System
  • Provides a faster turnaround for gene editing experiments

Inducible, lentiviral-mediated CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing

The Lenti-X Tet-On 3G CRISPR/Cas9 System is a complete system for lentiviral-mediated CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. This system incorporates the Tet-On 3G transactivator protein, which enables users to induce Cas9 expression via the addition of doxycycline.

  • Viral delivery of the Cas9 gene and an sgRNA allows for genome editing in hard-to-transfect mammalian cells
  • Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots make generating high-titer lentivirus extremely simple
  • Tightest possible control of Cas9 expression allows you to minimize the likelihood of toxicity and off-target effects associated with persistent Cas9 expression in cell culture

New Xeno-Free and GMP-Grade Stem Cell Media Products to Accelerate Discovery

Moving human pluripotent cell-based therapies from the lab to the clinic involves jumping over key hurdles in the process, and our Cellartis brand xeno-free media products are designed with these challenges in mind. Stemming from more than 15 years of expertise in pluripotent cell generation and differentiation, our new additions to the xeno-free media product family aim to maximize the potential of your cell therapy and ultimately influence human health.

  • Our original xeno-free medium promotes robust 2D monolayer expansion and is suitable for preclinical and research applications.
  • Our NEW xeno-free 3D spheroid culture medium is optimized for scale-up of iPSCs as 3D spheroids for downstream directed differentiation—5 x 109 cells in a 1 liter bioreactor within 3–4 passages.
  • Our NEW xeno-free GMP-grade basal medium is manufactured with clinical-quality materials and traceable production processes, and is ideal for small- or large-scale production of pluripotent cells for downstream use in clinical research settings.

Efficient T-Cell Culture and Expansion Medium

Promoting robust T-cell expansion is an important prerequisite for basic and preclinical studies, including adoptive cell therapy studies. GT-T551 Culture medium, 1L Bottle is ideally suited for expansion of T cells, and is recommended in our protocol for anti-CD3/IL-2 T-cell activation in conjunction with RetroNectin. This protocol results in an expanded cell population that shows a higher proportion of naïve T cells than anti-CD3 antibody stimulation alone. This T cell medium is:

  • Supplemented with human serum albumin, human insulin, L-glutamine, and streptomycin
  • Endotoxin tested (endotoxin <0.3 EU/ml)
  • Compatible with CultiLife Culture Bags for large-scale expansion of T cells
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