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New Products

Rapid, Efficient Cre Recombinase Delivery for Genome Modification

Cre Recombinase Gesicles are cell-derived nanovesicles containing concentrated Cre recombinase protein that give you full control over your recombinase experiments. When applied to your target cells, they fuse with the plasma membrane and discharge active Cre recombinase into the cell, where it carries out Cre-mediated recombination between LoxP sites. Cre Recombinase Gesicles minimize the risk of unintended recombination events because the Cre recombinase coding gene is not present, which eliminates the risk of sustained expression in your cells.

  • No Cre coding gene—Eliminate persistent expression; Cre is present only when you want it
  • Quick, easy protocol—Just apply 10–20 μl gesicles to your target cells
  • Active protein delivery—See faster, more efficient recombination
  • Experimental flexibility—Use with dividing and non-dividing cells, primary cells, and cell lines

Stranded RNA-Seq Libraries from Picogram Amounts of Total RNA

Welcome our newest RNA-seq library prep kit: the SMARTer Stranded Total RNA-Seq Kit - Pico Input Mammalian. This complete kit generates stranded, Illumina-ready cDNA libraries from picogram amounts of total mammalian RNA, regardless of quality, in under 5 hours.

  • Versatile kit compatible with 250 pg–10 ng of high- or low-quality RNA
  • Novel, integrated technology efficiently depletes abundant rRNA transcripts
  • Reliable performance across sample types, including FFPE samples

Culture Medium for Preclinical Expansion of Human iPS Cells

Cellartis DEF-CS Xeno-Free Culture Medium, designed for human iPS cells, is completely free from human- and animal-derived components. Its formulation makes it a robust maintenance medium ideal for preclinical applications.

  • Cells retain pluripotency and long-term potential for self-renewal and differentiation
  • DEF-CS Xeno-Free medium provides highly reproducible results and a stable growth rate
  • The DEF-CS protocol enables single-cell passaging

A Complete Culture System for Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

The Cellartis DEF-CS culture system allows robust expansion of human iPS cells in a feeder-free, chemically defined environment. This system:

  • Maintains cell pluripotency and long-term potential for self-renewal and differentiation
  • Enables a stable growth rate that is ideal for scale-up and mass production of human iPS cells
  • Maintains cells in an undifferentiated state with virtually no background differentiation
  • Permits single-cell seeding
  • Includes basal medium, additives, and coating compound
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