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New Products

Highly sensitive quantification of Illumina® next generation sequencing libraries

The Library Quantification Kit provides a highly-sensitive, qPCR-based quantification method for measuring DNA libraries for Illumina-based NGS. The kit contains all of the reagents necessary for absolute quantification of sequencing libraries containing Illumina adapters. Use this kit prior to sequencing to ensure optimal loading concentration, thereby reducing cluster density variability and improving sequencing results.

High-throughput stranded RNA-seq

The highly acclaimed SMARTer Stranded RNA-Seq Kit is now available in a high-throughput format allowing for generation of 96 uniquely-indexed RNA-seq libraries for Illumina® sequencing. The SMARTer Stranded RNA-Seq Kit HT can accommodate 100 pg–100 ng of ribosomal RNA-cleared input RNA, and can identify strand of origin with >99% accuracy. This random-primed kit is ideal for high-throughput RNA-seq, with high RefSeq and exon mapping, of either mammalian or bacterial RNA samples.

  • Illumina ready RNA-seq libraries in less than 4 hours
  • Incorporate up to 96 indexes
  • Complete genome coverage of both coding and non-coding RNA

Introducing the most sensitive single cell RNA-seq kit yet

The new SMARTer Ultra Low Input RNA Kit for Sequencing - v3 is designed to generate high-quality cDNA directly from 1–1,000 cells or 10 pg–10 ng of total RNA, in a convenient input volume of 1–9 μl. This kit improves on previous generations of SMARTer Ultra Low kits by simplifying the workflow, identifying more genes, and increasing the representation of GC-rich genes.

  • Compatible with Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms
  • Start from as little as 10 pg of total RNA or a single cell
  • Complete kit includes SeqAmp DNA Polymerase

Efficient production and screening of sgRNAs for CRISPR/Cas9 genomic editing

Three new Guide-it kits are available for simple production and evaluation of sgRNAs (single guide RNAs) for Cas9-mediated gene editing. The kits provide an efficient method for in vitro transcription of sgRNAs and for testing the efficiency of synthesized sgRNAs to cleave putative target sites in vitro.

  • The Guide-it sgRNA In Vitro Transcription Kit produces high yields of sgRNAs—transcribe >4 µg of sgRNA per in vitro reaction
  • Avoid delivering ineffective sgRNAs to your cells—the Guide-it sgRNA Screening Kit provides an optimized in vitro assay to estimate sgRNA-directed Cas9 cleavage efficiency
  • The Guide-it Complete sgRNA Screening System is a combination of both kits—produce sgRNA and test its ability to cleave its target

Better results with all targets, using an improved SMARTer RACE kit

The SMARTer RACE 5’/3’ Kit improves on our core SMART technology, while adding all the necessary components to streamline your process. See improved performance with a protocol designed to accommodate larger RNA input volumes and perform more efficiently on challenging targets. Included components allow you to begin first-strand cDNA synthesis with as little as 10 ng of total RNA and proceed through cloning RACE fragments, recovering successful clones on day two.

  • First-strand cDNA can be used directly in 5’- and 3’-RACE PCR; no adaptor ligation step is required.
  • Robust PCR performance, especially for challenging targets (e.g., those that are long, GC-rich, etc.).
  • Complete kit—includes SMARTer components, DNA polymerase, In-Fusion cloning reagents, and competent cells.

Ready-to-use lentiviral particles

Tranduction-ready lentiviral particles are now available for a variety of experimental aims, including inducible expression studies, inducing pluripotency, and fluorescent cell labeling. These lentiviral particles are produced using a purification process that results in very high titers and purity, allowing successful transduction of a variety of cell types while retaining high cell viability. Particles are available for:

  • Tet-inducible gene expression—introduce the Tet-On 3G transactivator in your cells of choice.
  • Subcellular localization studies—deliver fluorescent proteins targeted to specific organelles or subcellular structures.
  • Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell production—particles encode the Yamanaka factors (Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc) expressed from the PTRE3G promoter.

A complete workflow for generating recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors

Recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors are popular tools for gene delivery to mammalian cells and for gene therapy. Clontech now offers a complete workflow for AAV particle production:

  • AAV Packaging—Unique system generates high titers of AAV particles without the use of a helper virus.
  • AAV Particle Extraction—Extraction solution increases particle recovery by ≥3-fold as compared to conventional freeze-thaw methods.
  • AAV Particle Purification—Column-based method for obtaining high purity, high titer AAV particles suitable for in vivo transduction.
  • AAV Titration—Precise quantification using qPCR.

Highly efficient transfection in a convenient dry-down format

The superior transfection efficiency and low cytotoxicity of the Xfect Transfection Reagent is now available in Xfect Single Shots (Midi)—lyophilized, single-transfection aliquots of the Xfect reagent supplied in individual tubes. The amount of reagent in each midi-format tube is optimized for a single well of a 6-well plate. Transfections can be carried out entirely in the presence of serum.

  • High transfection efficiency and very low cytotoxicity
  • Transfect a broad range of mammalian cell types
  • Simple serum-compatible protocol

A new monoclonal antibody for green fluorescent protein

The Living Colors ZsGreen Monoclonal Antibody specifically recognizes the bright green fluorescent protein derived from Zoanthus sp. reef coral. The ZsGreen1 fluorescent protein itself has high solubility, rapid chromophore maturation, and is significantly brighter than EGFP.

  • Recommended for Western blot applications
  • Raised in mouse against recombinant full-length ZsGreen
  • Does not cross-react with AcGFP1, AmCyan, ZsYellow, DsRed-Express, mCherry, tdTomato, Dendra2, or DsRed2.
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