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New Products

Obtain a rapid burst of Cre recombinase expression in mammalian cells

Non-integrating lentiviral particles provide footprint-free delivery of Cre mRNA for transient expression of Cre recombinase in mammalian cells. Cre RNA lentiviral particles (RLPs) employ a novel packaging technology, utilizing an RNA-binding phage coat protein to load multiple biologically active mRNAs per particle. RLPs have been shown to mediate transient protein expression at high efficiency for in vitro and in vivo applications involving cell lines, primary cells, stem cells, tissues, and organisms.

  • Efficient delivery of active Cre mRNA via non-integrating lentiviral particles enables rapid, transient Cre expression in mammalian cells
  • Footprint-free RNA delivery avoids random genomic integration or persistent Cre expression, and does not require activation or selection of target cells
  • Suitable for a wide array of in vitro and in vivo applications, including immortalized cell lines, dividing and non-dividing primary cells, stem cells, tissues, and various model organisms

Quickly screen hundreds of clones to identify single-nucleotide edits created using the CRISPR/Cas9 system 

Screen hundreds of clones for the presence of your desired single-nucleotide edits using a rapid protocol that doesn’t involve sequencing. The Guide-it SNP Screening Kit is designed for detection of single-nucleotide substitutions in clonal cell populations edited using the CRISPR/Cas9 system. The kit provides the ability to quickly identify edited clones from 96-well plates, employing a simple and rapid workflow that comprises PCR amplification of the genomic target site followed by an enzymatic assay using a structure-specific endonuclease that generates a fluorescent readout. 

  • High-throughput SNP screening with a simple and rapid workflow that takes just 4 hours to complete
  • Can be used to detect any nucleotide substitution at any genomic locus
  • Identifies edited clones regardless of their zygosity

Perform efficient, genome-wide sgRNA library screens with a convenient, easy-to-use lentiviral formulation 

The Guide-it CRISPR Genome-Wide sgRNA Library System makes it easy to perform pooled, genome-wide phenotypic screens using CRISPR/Cas9 in human cell lines. Each screen contains both the genome-wide sgRNA library and a Cas9 expression system in our easy-to-use Lenti-X Single Shots format to produce cell lines stably expressing both Cas9 and the sgRNA library. Our library is based on the Brunello library which contains >76,000 guide RNAs with four highly active guides per gene targeting about 19,000 genes, as well as non-targeting sgRNA controls. sgRNA representation has been validated at every step in the process from library synthesis, amplification, viral production, and target-cell transduction.

  • Contains >76,000 sgRNAs based on the Brunello library where each gene is targeted by 4 highly active guide RNAs that maximize on-target specificity and activity while minimizing off-target effects
  • Modified sgRNA scaffold design for improved Cas9-sgRNA interaction and high editing efficiency
  • Convenient formulation for the lentiviral sgRNA library with the Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots and Xfect Transfection Reagent, such that only water is required to produce a highly efficient transfection mix for transfecting Lenti-X 293T packaging cells to produce high-titer sgRNA libraries

Quantify lentiviral preps in 10 minutes with a smartphone app

Obtaining consistent, reproducible results with lentiviral transduction requires applying similar amounts of virus in each experiment, but many labs avoid titering their lentiviral preps because conventional methods such as ELISA, qPCR, or functional assays are cumbersome and time consuming. Lenti-X GoStix Plus alleviate the burdens associated with lentivirus titration by enabling rapid, reliable quantitation in 10 minutes with easy-to-use cassettes and a smartphone app.

Titering your lentiviral preps is easy: simply apply 20 µl of supernatant to a GoStix cassette, wait 10 minutes for the appearance of test and control bands, then scan the bands with our free smartphone app. The quantitative output from the Lenti-X GoStix App (referred to as a GoStix Value, or GV) can be used to compare virus amounts between different preparations in a manner similar to, but far easier and quicker than, an ELISA and allows for calculation of actual IFU/ml using a reference virus.

  • Obtain quantitative lentiviral titers in 10 minutes using a simple smartphone app
  • Compare virus amounts between different preparations
  • Determine the optimal time to harvest lentiviral supernatants
  • Achieve consistent performance for your experiments

Create highly pluripotent, edited clonal hiPSC lines with optimized Cellartis editing and culture systems

Looking for a complete system to create CRISPR/Cas9-edited human iPS cell lines? Our carefully designed, “start-to-finish” editing and culture systems directly deliver Cas9/sgRNA ribonucleoproteins, providing a fast turnaround for gene editing while minimizing off-target effects compared to vector-based approaches.

Furthermore, our complete systems circumvent a major bottleneck in the hiPSC editing process: survival and expansion of edited single clones. Traditionally, the establishment of a clonal population from hiPS cells grown as colonies results in cell death or premature differentiation. However, Cellartis’ kits contain a defined culture system that promotes monolayer growth, overcoming the challenges of colony-based culture by allowing efficient single-cell passaging and promoting expansion of highly pluripotent, edited hiPSCs.

  • Efficient gene editing in hiPSCs—use electroporation or gesicles to deliver Cas9 protein and sgRNA with no genomic integration and reduced off-target effects
  • Maintenance of pluripotency and stable karyotype from start to finish—hiPSCs maintain high levels (>90%) of pluripotency markers and a normal, stable karyotype throughout editing, single-cell cloning, and expansion
  • Flexibility to perform gene editing experiments your way—choose from two different all-in-one editing and single-cell-cloning solutions, or use the culture media kit to perform efficient single-cell cloning following your own editing experiments

High-quality human embryonic stem cell kits for expansion and differentiation into all three germ layers

Cellartis human embryonic stem (ES) cell line kits contain human ES cells that have been ethically derived under feeder-free conditions, then banked and characterized according to the highest industry standards. The human ES cells are adapted to the Cellartis DEF-CS culture system, an easy-to-use, complete culture system for pluripotent cell expansion in a defined, feeder-free environment that maintains high levels of pluripotency. The reproducible nature of the DEF-CS system coupled with the stable high growth rate of these stem cell lines is ideal for small- or large-scale expansion, as well as any major downstream applications.

  • Cells are extensively analyzed for purity, recovery after thawing, absence of mycoplasma and bacteria, expression of stemness markers, absence of differentiation markers, and expected karyotype
  • Cellartis hES cell lines are available from four donors and are supplied from fully characterized cell banks
  • The derivation process follows all applicable laws in Sweden and the EU and is approved by a regional ethical authority

New Xeno-Free and GMP-Grade Stem Cell Media Products to Accelerate Discovery

Moving human pluripotent cell-based therapies from the lab to the clinic involves jumping over key hurdles in the process, and our Cellartis brand xeno-free media products are designed with these challenges in mind. Stemming from more than 15 years of expertise in pluripotent cell generation and differentiation, our new additions to the xeno-free media product family aim to maximize the potential of your cell therapy and ultimately influence human health.

  • Our original xeno-free medium promotes robust 2D monolayer expansion and is suitable for preclinical and research applications.
  • Our NEW xeno-free 3D spheroid culture medium is optimized for scale-up of iPSCs as 3D spheroids for downstream directed differentiation—5 x 109 cells in a 1 liter bioreactor within 3–4 passages.
  • Our NEW xeno-free GMP-grade basal medium is manufactured with clinical-quality materials and traceable production processes, and is ideal for small- or large-scale production of pluripotent cells for downstream use in clinical research settings.

Efficient T-Cell Culture and Expansion Medium

Promoting robust T-cell expansion is an important prerequisite for basic and preclinical studies, including adoptive cell therapy studies. GT-T551 Culture medium, 1L Bottle is ideally suited for expansion of T cells, and is recommended in our protocol for anti-CD3/IL-2 T-cell activation in conjunction with RetroNectin. This protocol results in an expanded cell population that shows a higher proportion of naïve T cells than anti-CD3 antibody stimulation alone. This T cell medium is:

  • Supplemented with human serum albumin, human insulin, L-glutamine, and streptomycin
  • Endotoxin tested (endotoxin <0.3 EU/ml)
  • Compatible with CultiLife Culture Bags for large-scale expansion of T cells
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