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New Products

ChIP-Seq Libraries Powered by DNA SMART Technology

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments often yield very small amounts of DNA. Unfortunately, most next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation methods use ligation to add sequencing adapters and require a larger amount of DNA. The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit eliminates this problem; instead of using ligation, Illumina® sequencing adapters are added directly to low-input ChIP DNA samples via a novel, SMART-based template switching technology. Eliminating ligation from library preparation means only a single, combined size selection and clean-up step is needed, leading to higher yield and a simpler workflow.

  • Flexible DNA inputs: 100 pg–10 ng of either ssDNA or dsDNA, or total DNA from 10,000–1,000,000 cell ChIP experiments
  • Illumina-ready sequencing libraries in around 4 hours: Illumina indexes and adaptors incorporated into the workflow
  • Excellent sequencing metrics: High non-redundant rate, high reproducibility between different sample inputs, and high overlap with data generated by the ENCODE project

Learn about all of our products for NGS: www.clontech.com/NGS

SMARTer low-input RNA-Seq solutions for compromised mammalian samples

RNA-Seq Kits: SMART (Switching Mechanism at 5' End of RNA Template) technology has been adopted as the industry standard for experiments that require exceptional sensitivity and complete transcriptome coverage. Its single-tube protocol minimizes sample handling errors and creates accurate, full-length cDNA from extremely low input RNA. Random-primed cDNA synthesis kits such as the SMARTer Stranded RNA-Seq Kit, the SMARTer Stranded RNA-Seq Kit HT, and the SMARTer Universal Low Input RNA Kit for Sequencing are ideal for transcriptome analysis from all types of input RNA, including compromised RNA samples (such as FFPE tissues) and bacterial RNA.

rRNA Removal Kit: Prior to cDNA synthesis with random-primed cDNA synthesis kits, it is important to remove ribosomal RNA, which makes up ≥90% of total RNA. The RiboGone - Mammalian kit uses hybridization technology and RNase H digestion to bind and specifically deplete 5S, 5.8S, 18S,and 28S nuclear rRNA sequences and 12S mitochondrial rRNA sequences from full length or sheared total RNA derived from human, mouse, or rat samples—yielding RNA samples that are ready for transcriptome analysis using the SMARTer Universal and SMARTer Stranded kits.

  • Remove rRNA and mtRNA sequences from mammalian total RNA prior to cDNA synthesis (depletes ≥95% of ribosomal RNA sequences)
  • Suitable for full-length or degraded RNA (including FFPE samples)
  • Obtain highly accurate transcriptome analysis data (based on MAQC data comparison)
  • Low input working range (10–100 ng starting material)
  • Works seamlessly with downstream SMARTer random-primed cDNA synthesis kits (yielding recorded rRNA yields of between 1–5% of total reads and lower)

Highly sensitive quantification of Illumina® next generation sequencing libraries

The Library Quantification Kit provides a highly-sensitive, qPCR-based quantification method for measuring DNA libraries for Illumina-based NGS. The kit contains all of the reagents necessary for absolute quantification of sequencing libraries containing Illumina adapters. Use this kit prior to sequencing to ensure optimal loading concentration, thereby reducing cluster density variability and improving sequencing results.

Efficient production and screening of sgRNAs for CRISPR/Cas9 genomic editing

Three new Guide-it kits are available for simple production and evaluation of sgRNAs (single guide RNAs) for Cas9-mediated gene editing. The kits provide an efficient method for in vitro transcription of sgRNAs and for testing the efficiency of synthesized sgRNAs to cleave putative target sites in vitro.

  • The Guide-it sgRNA In Vitro Transcription Kit produces high yields of sgRNAs—transcribe >4 µg of sgRNA per in vitro reaction
  • Avoid delivering ineffective sgRNAs to your cells—the Guide-it sgRNA Screening Kit provides an optimized in vitro assay to estimate sgRNA-directed Cas9 cleavage efficiency
  • The Guide-it Complete sgRNA Screening System is a combination of both kits—produce sgRNA and test its ability to cleave its target

Please see our Guide-it overview and our CRISPR/Cas9 overview for more information about these products.

Ready-to-use lentiviral particles

Tranduction-ready lentiviral particles are now available for a variety of experimental aims, including inducible expression studies, inducing pluripotency, and fluorescent cell labeling. These lentiviral particles are produced using a purification process that results in very high titers and purity, allowing successful transduction of a variety of cell types while retaining high cell viability. Particles are available for:

  • Tet-inducible gene expression—introduce the Tet-On 3G transactivator in your cells of choice.
  • Subcellular localization studies—deliver fluorescent proteins targeted to specific organelles or subcellular structures.
  • Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell production—particles encode the Yamanaka factors (Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc) expressed from the PTRE3G promoter.

Learn more about these ready-to-use lentiviral particles on our FAQ page.

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