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Protein purification, protein digestion, antibody purification

Visit us at the PEGS Boston 2017 conference (Booth #441)

Purification and characterization expertise for protein and antibody discovery

PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit brings together researchers from pharma, academia, and government institutions to share research that will improve the development of biologic therapeutics. The conference, which will be held May 1–5, 2017, in Boston, MA, allows researchers to share best practices, research, and research developments in several areas of drug development including antibody engineering, immunotherapy, and beyond.

Adding to the body of expertise at PEGS Boston 2017, Takara Bio USA, Inc., will be onsite to offer attendees expert guidance and technologies for advancing their protein purification and characterization research. Our products, such as the Capturem purification and proteolytic membranes, provide researchers with novel tools that bring unparalleled speed and consistency to protein discovery in pharmaceutical and academic settings. Visit us at Booth #441 to learn more.

Check out the posters and podium presentations we will be giving at the conference.

You can also view our featured products for the show below and sign up to meet with one of our representatives by filling out the form on the right.

Podium presentation

Engineering Stream
Track: Display of Antibodies
Session: Emerging Applications and Platforms for Novel Screening
Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Time: 12:20 pm

Facilitating Novel Antibody Discovery and Engineering with a Membrane-Based Antibody Purification Workflow

There is a constant need for faster, more efficient antibody and protein purification processes at every scale. High-capacity membrane technologies allow for purification directly from complex matrices, such as cell supernatants, in minutes. This new approach also provides highly purified and concentrated antibodies and his-tagged proteins, even from samples containing additives not compatible with other purification technologies. This talk will review several applications including purification of a GPCR, hybridoma screening, and purifying secreted protein.

Poster presentations

Poster Session B: May 3–4, 2017

Poster thumbnail

Rapid purification and characterization of recombinant proteins and antibodies: Capturem high-capacity membranes

Recombinant protein production is of immense importance in nearly all research settings, including academic research institutions, biopharmaceutical organizations, and enzyme and agricultural industries. Protein fusion tags are widely used in order to improve yields and enable purification and characterization of protein structure and function. Here, we describe a novel, nylon-membrane-based IMAC system that has protein binding capacity comparable to, or better than, resins at 75 mg or more per cm3 of membrane, due to the chemically enhanced surface area of the pores. However, unlike traditional resin-based systems, the entire purification process—from loading the lysate to eluting pure protein—can be completed at room temperature in less than five minutes. We also describe the immobilization of the protease trypsin onto these membranes to enable rapid and complete digestion of proteins for characterization, identification, and quantitation via mass spectrometry analysis.

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High-capacity system for rapid purification of antibodies using Protein A membranes

Antibody engineering, production, and purification are critical in a wide range of research settings such as academic research institutions and biopharmaceutical organizations. Protein A has historically been one of the most widely used methods for affinity purification of immunoglobulins (IgG). Here, we describe a novel, membrane-based Protein A system with chemically enhanced surface areas of pores, with a protein binding capacity better than resins at 75 mg or more per cm3 of membrane. However, unlike traditional resin-based systems, the entire purification process, from loading the sample to pure antibody, can be completed at room temperature in less than five minutes. We also demonstrate that the spin columns can purify antibodies from a variety of samples and have added utility for immunoprecipitation and co-immunoprecipitation experiments. Furthermore, we demonstrated a novel, single-step antibody labeling approach for antibodies captured on the membranes.

Get the details on our protein purification products:
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Featured products at PEGS Boston 2017

Visit Booth #441 to learn more.

Recombinant protein and antibody purification

A revolutionary solution for recombinant protein and antibody purification

Recombinant protein production is an important part of many studies in nearly all research settings, from academic institutions to biopharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Having the right tools to produce and purify tagged proteins or antibodies can make a big difference in the ability to efficiently obtain meaningful data and make the most of every experiment. While conventional methods require a lot of time and effort, Capturem his-tagged and Protein A purification kits mark the beginning of a protein purification revolution. By uniting speed, ease of use, and high capacity in one powerful system, protein and antibody work can move forward as never before.

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Capturem Protein A

Isolate and screen protein complexes with ease

Although IPs and Co-IPs are still frequently used to study protein interactions, the traditional purification methods used for isolation of the antigen-protein complexes can be time-consuming. Featuring Capturem Protein A columns and a buffer set optimized for immunoprecipitation experiments, the Capturem IP & Co‑IP Kit provides a complete, easy-to-use solution for the rapid isolation of individual proteins or protein-protein complexes. The kit also has added utility for the purification and screening of the binding of antibody-based therapeutics, including antibody-drug conjugates, to their target molecules.

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Capturem Trypsin

Improve your protein characterization experiments

Pairing our novel Capturem technology with membrane-immobilized trypsin, Capturem Trypsin columns completely digest protein samples in less than a minute with digestion efficiencies (protein coverage) comparable to or better than those obtained using in-solution trypsin digestion.

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In-Fusion Cloning

Make every cloning project an easy one

As an early step in protein and antibody discovery, successful cloning is key to recovering meaningful data. With our In-Fusion Cloning technology, you can seamlessly incorporate any PCR fragment, or multiple fragments, into any linearized vector with just one 15-minute cloning reaction. To further simplify your cloning workflow, we offer a free, online primer design tool that allows easy visualization of cloning projects from single- or multiple-insert cloning to site-directed mutagenesis.

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