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TALON Metal Affinity Resin FAQs

Find out more about our highly specific cobalt-based IMAC resin for purifying his-tagged proteins.

Principles of TALON Purification

What is TALON resin?

What types of his-tagged proteins does TALON resin bind to?

How does TALON provide better purity than Ni-NTA resins?

How do the purification conditions used with TALON resin maximize biological activity more effectively than nickel-based resins?

Purifying Different Types of His-Tagged Proteins with TALON Resin

Does increasing the number of histidine residues beyond the usual six affect the ability of a protein to bind to TALON resin?

How can the yield of purified HAT- or 6xHis-tagged fusion protein be increased?

What should be done if a his-tagged protein is secreted from the cell into the cell culture medium?

What should be done if the protein contains a tag in the middle of the sequence, i.e., not a terminal tag?

Properties of TALON Resin and Columns

What is the binding capacity of TALON resin?

Is the performance of TALON resin affected by the temperature?

What is Metal Ion Transfer?

What is the chelator present in TALON resin?

If the HisTALON Gravity Column provides 1 ml of space for the resin slurry, how much extra room is there for the sample?

Why does the column turn violet upon addition of the sample/buffer containing guanidine-HCl?

Can TALON columns/resin be regenerated?

When can the resin no longer be used?

Buffers and Reagents to Use with TALON Resin

Which reagents are compatible with TALON resin?

Can non-phosphate-based buffer systems such as Tris or acetate buffers be used with TALON resin?

What is the maximum imidazole concentration that can be used with IMAC resins such as TALON resin?

What is the maximum PMSF concentration that can be used with TALON resin?

Can I elute my his-tagged protein from TALON resin with a histidine gradient?

Should a pH- or imidazole-based elution be used?

Can arginine be present in buffers used with TALON resin?

Using xTractor Buffer for His-Tagged Protein Extraction

What is xTractor Buffer?

Is it necessary to add lysozyme if xTractor Buffer is used with mammalian cells?

What are the components of xTractor buffer?

What is the effect on protein yield if xTractor Buffer is used with a fresh bacterial pellet compared to a frozen cell pellet?

What proteins have been extracted with xTractor Buffer at Clontech, and from what types of cells?

Troubleshooting TALON Resin Purification

What should I do if purified protein fails to elute from TALON resin?

Why does the column turn brown?

Why does the eluted protein/wash solution look pink?

What should I do if a portion of the recombinant protein passes through a TALON CellThru column without binding to the column?

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