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PCR Troubleshooting


PCR Troubleshooting Made Easy

Clontech is your one-stop shop for PCR troubleshooting, offering a complete line of high-performance PCR kits and polymerase mixes for every application, including high-fidelity PCR, long PCR, direct PCR, GC-rich PCR, and library construction. Use Clontech’s PCR Troubleshooting Enzyme Selection Guide below to find your match. Click on each enzyme to learn more and place an order.

PCR Troubleshooting Enzyme Selection Guide

PCR Application Genotyping, Colony Screening cDNA Amplification & Library Construction Cloning, Library Construction Direct PCR High Fidelity PCR GC-Rich Template PCR Long Template PCR Long, GC-Rich Template PCR Whole Genome SNP Arrays (Affymetrix)
Clontech Polymerase TITANIUM Taq Advantage 2 Advantage HD Terra PCR Direct Advantage HF 2 Advantage GC 2 Advantage Genomic LA Advantage GC Genomic LA TITANIUM Taq
Amplicon Size (kb)
Human Genomic DNA 0.12.0 <6.0 <8.5 <2.0 <3.5 <6.0 <8.030.0 <8.030.0 <0.12.0
Plasmid or Lambda Lysate <0.12.0 <18.5 <28.0 <2.0 <2.0 <6.0 <43.0 <20.0 <0.12.0
cDNA <4.0 <0.48.5 <4.0 <2.0 <1.3 <2.0 <10.0 <10.0 <4.0
Hot Start
T/A Cloning Compatible
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