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High Fidelity PCR

PCR Applications


Break the Bond

When do you need it?

GC-rich PCR concerns DNA templates with high GC content, which is defined as the percentage of guanine-cytosine base pairs. When amplifying templates with >60% GC content (i.e 5' ends of most mammalian cDNAs), the three hydrogen bonds shared by GC pairs lead to enhanced thermostability, which is problematic for un-optimized Taq polymerase systems.

How is it achieved?

Destabilizing GC base pairs is the key to tackling GC-rich PCR. This is achieved by supplementing the reaction buffer with GC-melt and DMSO to disrupt or destabilize base pairing, and by using a robust polymerase mix that maintains processivity in the presence of these additives.

What makes our PCR polymerases the best?

We offer high performance enzyme mixes and kits for GC-rich PCR, suited for templates with up to 90% GC content.

  • Advantage GC 2 Kit includes the Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix, our proprietary GC-Melt reagent, and reaction buffer containing DMSO. These components work in concert to amplify highly complex GC-rich targets with minimal buffer optimization.
  • Advantage GC Genomic LA Mix is an enzyme blend of full-length, thermostable Taq DNA Polymerase, a small amount of proofreading enzyme includes an additional GC-Melt buffer system, designed specifically to amplify GC-rich templates over 6 kb.

How to pick the right enzyme?

Polymerase Application Fidelity* Amplicon size (kb) Human/plasmid/cDNA Max GC content Hot Start Cloning compatibility  
Advantage GC 2 GC-rich PCR 3X <6.0/<6.0/<2.0 90% Yes TA Buy now
Advantage GC Genomic LA Long, GC-rich PCR 6.5X <8.030.0/<20.0/<10.0 90% Yes TA Buy now
* Relative fidelities are represented as fold improvements over Titanium Taq DNA Polymerase, which has an error rate of 1 mismatch per kb of synthesized DNA.
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