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LDH Cytotoxicity Detection Kit- Easy, Colorimetric Test for Cell Death

The easiest way to measure cell death is by measuring lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), a stable cytoplasmic enzyme which is present in all cells but only released when the plasma membrane is damaged. The LDH Cytotoxicity Detection Kit provides a simple and precise colorimetric assay for LDH activity: a two-step enzymatic reaction creates a formazan dye that is easily measured by A492.

Why Use the LDH Cytotoxicity Detection Kit?

  • Sensitive assay: Detect as few as 2,000 dead or damaged cells per well.
  • Accurate results: The amount of formazan dye you measure is directly proportional to the number of dead or damaged cells.
  • Cost-effective: Get your LDH assay for a better price.
Supplier Price # of Rxns Cost per rxn
Clontech $326.00 2,000 $0.16
Competitor A $410.00 500 $0.82
Competitor BP $225.00 500 $0.45
Competitor BV $245.00 500 $0.49
Competitor PK $299.00 500 $0.60
Competitor SC $175.00 500 $0.35
Measuring cell-mediated cytotoxicity with LDH

Cell-mediated cytotoxicty was measured with the LDH Cytotoxicity Detection Kit. Mouse spleen cells were stimulated in vitro and cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) were isolated. 10,000 test cells/well were incubated with the effector CTLs, and then cell death was measured using the LDH assay.

Fast, Simple LDH Assay Protocol

The LDH assay does not require prelabeling or washing steps. The entire procedure can be performed in a single 96-well plate.

LDH assay protocol

Visit the Documents tab of the LDH Cytotoxicity Detection Kit product page to download the
User Manual and other documentation.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
MK401 LDH Cytotoxicity Detection Kit 2,000 Tests $356.00


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