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cDNA Synthesis & Library Construction

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Multiple Tissue Panels, cDNA

MTC Multiple Tissue cDNA Panels are sets of first-strand cDNAs from 5 to 12 different tissues or cell lines. They offer fast and accurate PCR analysis of gene expression across multiple tissues in a fraction of the time required for Northern or dot blot analysis. Each MTC panel has been normalized to several different house-keeping genes to ensure accurate assessment of target mRNA abundance. In addition, the Human Panels as a whole are normalized against one another, allowing comparison of results obtained using different human panels. MTC Panels are virtually free of genomic DNA, ensuring all signals generated are from actual mRNA transcripts.

Specialty MTC Panels

In addition to two broad-coverage human cDNA panels, we offer Human Fetal, Digestive System, Immune System, and Cell Line panels.

For rapid screening of gene expression under different apoptotic conditions we provide an MCF7 Apoptosis cDNA Panel, consisting of first-strand cDNA samples synthesized from the total RNA of cells treated with various apoptosis-inducing agents. The MCF7 cDNA Panel, designed for studies focusing on p53-regulated apoptosis, contains cDNA from modified and unmodified MCF7 cells expressing dominant-negative p53.

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  • Ready for quantitative PCR
  • Quickly determine the tissue distribution and relative abundance of specific transcripts
  • Accurate and sensitive expression analysis
  • Free of genomic DNA, ensuring that all signals generated are from mRNA transcripts


  • Detect mRNA present at all abundance levels—including rare transcripts that are difficult to detect using Northern blots
  • Expression profiling by qPCR
  • Determine the differences in gene expression between tissues

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
636753 Human Cell Line MTC™ Panel 10 Rxns $656.00
636746 Human Digestive System MTC™ Panel 10 Rxns $656.00
636747 Human Fetal MTC™ Panel 10 Rxns $656.00
636748 Human Immune System MTC™ Panel 10 Rxns $656.00
636742 Human MTC™ Panel I 10 Rxns $656.00
636743 Human MTC™ Panel II 10 Rxns $656.00
636745 Mouse MTC™ Panel I 10 Rxns $656.00
636757 Mouse MTC™ Panel III 10 Rxns $656.00
636751 Rat MTC™ Panel I 10 Rxns $656.00


Required Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price # of Units Select
639210 Titanium® Taq PCR Kit 100 Rxns $273.00



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