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cDNA Synthesis & Library Construction

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Premium Total and Poly A+ RNA

Whether you are looking for RNA to use as a reference or for library construction, we have the selection you need.

  • Extensive selection: Multiple tissue sources for both total RNA and poly A+ RNA
  • Reliable results: The highest quality products, tested to confirm intact RNA with virtually no genomic DNA contamination
  • Proven track record: Hundreds of citations over 30 years
Learn more about a particular RNA by clicking the "X" in the table below.
Source/Tissue Human Total RNA Human
Poly A+ RNA
Total RNA
Poly A+ RNA
Total RNA
Poly A+ RNA
Total RNA Panel     X      
Brain & CNS X X X X X X
Internal Organ X X X X X X
Digestive System X X        
Blood & Immune Cells X X        
Glandular   X        
Reproductive System X X   X   X
Muscle (Skeletal or Smooth)       X   X
Fetal X X X      
Cancer & Cell Line X X        

We also have premium RNA for other species:

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RNAs are also available for custom order. Please contact Customer Support for current pricing and lead time at 800.662.2566 or

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