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ChIP Elute Kit and DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit—Illumina Sequencing Library Preparation from Low-Input DNA Templates

The ChIP Elute Kit uses a fast and simple method to reverse cross-links, elute, and purify DNA captured by a chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiment. This kit replaces long and tedious protocols for the final stages of ChIP experiments. Single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) can be recovered in approximately one hour (compared to traditional methods that may take up to overnight) and is directly compatible with the DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit.

The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit adds Illumina®-specific sequencing adapters to the ends of DNA fragments in a ligation-independent manner. Generating libraries for ChIP sequencing (ChIP-seq) can be difficult due to the small amounts of DNA recovered from ChIP experiments, particularly when using antibodies against low-abundance transcription factors. The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit can generate sequencing libraries for Illumina platforms from 100 pg–10 ng of input DNA without using ligation. Either ssDNA or double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) from ChIP experiments can be used directly with this kit, making it compatible with DNA recovered with the ChIP Elute Kit or by other methods. This highly sensitive kit generates robust sequencing libraries from low-input DNA samples, with minimal handling, in about four hours.

The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit uses a novel version of Clontech’s proprietary SMART technology, adapted for use with DNA templates, to generate next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries for Illumina platforms. The core template switching technology of the DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit enables ligation-free addition of Illumina sequencing adapters to low-input samples.

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  • Fast (one hour) DNA elution and  cross-linking reversal from ChIP experiments
  • Ligation-independent adapter addition for ChIP-seq library preparation
  • Flexible DNA inputs: 100 pg–10 ng of either ssDNA or dsDNA
  • Generate Illumina-ready sequencing libraries in around 4 hours

There are three versions of this kit available:

  • The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit - 12 contains the reagents to generate up to 12 indexed libraries using a single forward primer and the 12 reverse indexing primers
  • The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit - 48 A can generate up to 48 indexed libraries using the first 4 forward primers and the 12 reverse indexing primers
  • The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit - 48 B can generate up to 48 indexed libraries using the second 4 forward primers and the 12 reverse indexing primers

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ChIP Elute Kit:

  • DNA elution and cross-linking reversal for qPCR or ChIP-seq applications


  • Sequencing library preparation for ChIP-seq from low-input, fragmented DNA
  • Illumina-specific NGS sequencing library production

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
634865 DNA SMART™ ChIP-Seq Kit - 12 12 Rxns $606.00 License Statements
634866 DNA SMART™ ChIP-Seq Kit - 48 A 48 Rxns $1,920.00 License Statements
634867 DNA SMART™ ChIP-Seq Kit - 48 B 48 Rxns $1,920.00 License Statements
634887 ChIP Elute Kit 50 Rxns $399.00  


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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price # of Units Select
638504 SeqAmp™ DNA Polymerase 50 Rxns $111.00
638509 SeqAmp™ DNA Polymerase 200 Rxns $314.00


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