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cDNA Synthesis & Library Construction

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SMARTer solutions for low-input RNA-Seq

Get SMARTer: Tools and Tips for RNA-Seq

The ability to study exceptionally rare or precious samples―including stem cells, circulating tumor cells, and brain tissue biopsies―requires extraordinary sensitivity and reproduciblity. SMARTer RNA Sequencing (SMART-Seq) provides the tools you need to measure and understand the transcriptome complexity of extremely small samples.

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Make your own magnetic separator stand

Why? If your magnetic separator is not strong enough, it will decrease the efficacy of your magnetic separation, especially when working with low inputs of RNA.

How? Build your own separator from rare earth bar magnets and a tip rack. It’s easy and cost-effective!

Ideal bead pellet maximizes cDNA yield

See how an ideal dry-down pellet looks

Why? Drying your pellet sufficiently is important to maximizing cDNA recovery. However, over-drying the DNA pellet makes resuspension difficult.

How? There are visual clues that can help you determine when your pellet is dried just right.

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