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SMARTer ICELL8 Single-Cell System

The SMARTer ICELL8 Single-Cell System (referred to below as "the system") is a single-cell automation platform that allows processing of up to eight samples and hundreds of single cells or nuclei, irrespective of size or shape, in parallel for various applications. The system consists of three major parts: the ICELL8 MultiSample NanoDispenser (MSND) for dispensing cells into SmartChip nanowells, the ICELL8 Imaging System for visualizing the cells in the nanowells, and a computer with CellSelect software to identify and selectively process single cells identified in the SmartChip nanowells.

The system provides control to selectively identify and process single cells and eliminate background noise that arises from doublets and empty wells containing ambient RNA. This unique feature of the system makes it a powerful tool for single-cell studies, generating data with high confidence. The system comes validated with various applications including differential expression and single-cell TCR analysis. Chips and reagents for specific applications are not included with the instrument but can be purchased separately.

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Following shipping, a Field Service Engineer (FSE) will install the system and then perform Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) and Instrument Verification Performance (IVP) tests. These tests ensure that the ICELL8 MSND is properly aligned per specifications by dispensing accurate volumes of test dye into the 5,184 SmartChip nanowells. The SMARTer ICELL8-associated microscope and software will be calibrated to differentiate between single cells, doublets, and empty wells.


As part of the complimentary training provided when the system is initially installed, the Field Application Scientist (FAS) spends five working days at the customer site to instruct users on the dispensing of single cells and using the CellSelect software. Standard cell lines provided by Takara Bio and application-agnostic blank SmartChips are used for training. Additional training time with the FAS can be purchased by the customer if needed.


Purchase of the system comes with a one-year warranty which includes:

  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • On-site system installation by a member of our certified Field Service team
  • Complete parts, labor, and travel for issues arising from unexpected breakdown

Service Plan

The customer also has the option to purchase a single-year or multi-year Service Plan to cover the system beyond the expiration of the initial warranty period. If the plan is being purchased after the warranty has expired, a separate service visit (at customer's expense) will be required prior to approval of the Service Plan. The Service Plan includes:

  • One Preventative Maintenance (PM) visit per year to ensure optimal performance and avoid unexpected downtime by replacing and servicing parts expected to require attention due to normal wear and tear
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Complete parts, labor, and travel for issues arising from unexpected breakdown

Preventive Maintenance

Customers, particularly high-volume users, who would like to proactively maintain their system to ensure optimal performance and avoid unexpected downtime have the option to purchase individual PM visits (to supplement the Service Plan). Purchase of a PM service includes one visit and covers:

  • Complete inspection of the system
  • Deep cleaning of the ICELL8 MSND
  • Replacement of parts that have undergone normal wear and tear:
    • Microscope—bulb
    • ICELL8 MSND—tips, syringes, solenoids, filters, tubing, and valves
  • Realignment of the ICELL8 MSND tip
  • Recalibration of the microscope stage
  • Checking humidifier, chiller, and fan functions
  • Test run of the system to validate performance of the system
  • Installation of software updates (as needed)


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