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Viral Transduction

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Retroviral Vectors with Fluorescent Proteins

These retroviral vectors allow you to deliver and stably express your gene of interest and a fluorescent protein in a broad range of dividing cells. Depending on which vector you choose, the fluorescent protein and protein of interest can be:

    • Fused together for subcellular localization or tag studies
    • Simultaneously coexpressed from the same transcript but as separate proteins (IRES vectors)

Monomeric Proteins for Fusion Tags

DsRed-Monomer, AcGFP1, and mCherry proteins are truly monomeric fluorescent proteins that are ideal for use as fusion tags. mCherry is a very popular mutant derived by directed mutagenesis of mRFP1, a monomeric mutant of DsRed.

Bright Multimers for Reporter Studies

ZsGreen1 and DsRed-Express are bright fluorescent proteins that are excellent reporters for gene expression, or for measuring transduction/transfection efficiency. ZsGreen1, for example, is 2.5X brighter than EGFP.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
632506 pRetroQ-AcGFP1-C1 Vector 20 ug $568.00 License Statements *
632505 pRetroQ-AcGFP1-N1 Vector 20 ug $568.00 License Statements *
632508 pRetroQ-DsRed Monomer-C1 Vector 20 ug $568.00 License Statements *
632507 pRetroQ-DsRed Monomer-N1 Vector 20 ug $568.00 License Statements *
632567 pRetroQ-mCherry-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632568 pRetroQ-mCherry-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632521 pRetroX-IRES-DsredExpress Vector 20 ug $568.00 License Statements *
632520 pRetroX-IRES-ZsGreen1 Vector 20 ug $568.00 License Statements *
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