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Viral Transduction

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Retroviral Packaging Systems—VSV-G, Ecotropic, Amphotropic, Dualtropic

The Retro-X Universal Packaging System is our premium retroviral packaging system featuring the GP2-293 packaging cell line. All four commonly used envelopes are supplied on separate vectors including VSV-G, eco, ampho and 10A1 to allow you to choose the tropism that is most appropriate for your target cells. The envelope vector is cotransfected with your retroviral expression vector, and high titers of amphotropic, ecotropic, dualtropic or pantropic virions can be obtained in less than 48 hours.

EcoPack 2-293 Cell Line

EcoPack 2-293 is an ecotropic HEK 293-based packaging cell line that produces high-titer recombinant MMLV-based virus 24 to 72 hours after transfection. It is easy to transfect and produces retrovirus with a tropism limited to mouse and rat cells. The viral envelope protein expressed by EcoPack 2-293 recognizes the ecotropic receptor (mCAT1) found only on the surface of these cell types.

AmphoPack 293 Cell Line

AmphoPack 293 can be used to produce recombinant MMLV-based viral particles that infect a broad range of mammalian cells including mouse, rat and human cells. AmphoPack 293 is derived from an HEK 293-based cell line that is easily transfected, and produces high viral titers. The viral envelope protein recognizes the amphotropic receptor (Ram-1).

RetroPack PT67 Cell Line

RetroPack PT67 is the recommended packaging cell line for creating a stable producer cell line for continuous production of retrovirus. If you wish to make retrovirus via transient transfection we recommend the Retro-X Universal Packaging System. This retroviral packaging system includes an NIH/3T3-based packaging cell line that expresses the 10A1 viral envelope. Virus packaged from PT67 cells can be used to infect a broad range of mammalian cells including human mouse and rat cell types. The virus is able to enter cells via two different surface molecules, the amphotropic retrovirus receptor (Ram-1) and the GALV receptor.

Pantropic Retroviral Expression System

The Pantropic Retroviral Expression System, also features the GP2-293 packaging cell line that expresses gamma-retroviral gag and pol proteins together with pVSV-G. Upon transient transfection of pVSV-G the cell line expresses an envelope glycoprotein from the vesicular stomatitis virus that is not dependent on a cell surface receptor; instead, it mediates viral entry through lipid binding and plasma membrane fusion. Two transfer expression vectors are included with the Pantropic System, giving you the choice of using a retroviral 5' LTR or the Drosophila hsp70 promoter to express your gene of interest.

All retroviral packaging cell lines and systems are compatible with all retroviral vectors sold by Clontech, including MMLV- and MSCV-based retrovirus.

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  • Retro-X Universal Packaging System is supplied with all 4 commonly used envelopes
  • GP2-293 cells are easy to transfect which lead to very high titers
  • Limit the tropism to only mouse and rat cells with EcoPack2-293
  • Use RetroPack to create a stable producer cell line

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631505 AmphoPack-293 Cell Line 1 mL $688.00 License Statements
631507 EcoPack™ 2-293 Cell Line 1 mL $688.00 License Statements
631512 Pantropic Retroviral Expression System Each $751.00 License Statements
631508 Retro-X™ System Each $751.00 License Statements
631530 Retro-X™ Universal Packaging System Each $751.00 License Statements
631510 RetroPack™ PT67 Cell Line 1 mL $688.00 License Statements


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