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Viral Transduction

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Optimized Lentiviral Vectors and Expression Systems

Clontech offers a variety of highly optimized lentiviral vectors for many applications. These lentiviral vectors are key players in all of Clontech’s highly effective Lenti-X gene delivery systems, which can be used with almost any mammalian cell type, including dividing and nondividing cells, primary cell cultures, stem cells, and neurons. All of our pLVX lentiviral vectors contain HIV-1 LTRs and the lentiviral packaging signal (Ψ), and we’ve included specific elements to improve transgene expression, virus titer, and overall lentiviral vector function:

  • WPRE: A woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element prevents poly A site readthrough, promotes RNA processing and maturation, and increases nuclear export of RNA. In genomic transcripts, it enhances vector packaging and increases titer. In transduced target cells, the WPRE boosts transgene expression by facilitating mRNA transcript maturation.
  • cPPT/CTS: A central polypurine tract/central termination sequence creates a “DNA flap” that increases nuclear importation of the viral genome during target cell infection. The cPPT/CTS element improves vector integration and transduction efficiency.
  • RRE: A Rev response element increases titers by promoting the nuclear export of unspliced viral genomic RNA.

Use these lentiviral vectors with any of our highly advanced, safe, and easy-to-use 4th-generation Lenti-X HTX Packaging Systems, which produce high titers of VSV-G- or ecotropic-pseudotyped lentivirus.

To learn more about lentiviral vector safety, download our Lentiviral Vector Safety flyer.

Lentiviral vector backbone for pLVX vectors

Lentiviral Vector Core Elements

Lentiviral vector systems with CMV promoter

Lentiviral Vector Systems for Constitutive cDNA Expression

Express your gene of interest from a strong CMV promoter, and select for lentiviral integration using antibiotic selection.

Bicistronic lentiviral vector systems

Bicistronic Lentiviral Vector Systems

Co-express your gene of interest and an antibiotic or fluorescent selectable marker from the same transcript using these IRES-containing lentiviral vector systems.

Lentiviral vector systems with an EF1 alpha promoter

Lentiviral Vector Systems with an EF-1 Alpha Promoter

Express your gene of interest from an EF-1 alpha promoter in cell types where the CMV promoter can be silenced over time, such as hematopoietic or stem cells.

Tetracycline-inducible lentiviral vector systems

Lentiviral All-In-One Vector Systems for Inducible Expression of cDNA

Obtain tightly controlled, inducible expression clones of your gene of interest with only a single vector.

Lentiviral vector systems to control protein stability

Lentiviral Vector Systems to Control Protein Stability

Clone your gene downstream of a ProteoTuner destabilization domain (DD) and control the stability of your protein with Shield1, a small molecule ligand, which protects the DD fusion protein from being degraded.

Lentiviral vectors with fluorescent proteins

Lentiviral Vectors for Fluorescent Protein Expression

Clone your gene in-frame with one of Clontech’s many fluorescent proteins (FP) and monitor the expression and subcellular localization of your protein of interest.

Lentiviral vector promoter reporter system with secreted luciferase

Promoter Studies with Lentiviral Vectors and Secreted Luciferase

Monitor activity of your favorite promoter using a reporter system that expresses bright fluorescent proteins or secreted luciferase.

Lentiviral vector promoter reporter systems with fluorescent proteins

Promoter Studies with Lentiviral Vectors and Fluorescent Proteins

Monitor activity of your favorite promoter using a reporter system that expresses a cyan, green or red fluorescent protein on demand.

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