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Viral Transduction

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Lentiviral Vectors with Fluorescent Proteins

These lentiviral vectors allow you to deliver and stably express your gene of interest as a fluorescent fusion protein in virtually any cell type, including dividing and nondividing cells, stem cells, terminally differentiated cells, and neuronal cells. Three bicistronic lentiviral vectors (pLVX-IRES-mCherry, pLVX-IRES-tdTomato, and pLVX-IRES-ZsGreen1) are also available to allow your gene of interest and a bright fluorescent protein to be coexpressed from a single mRNA transcript. Clontech’s Living Colors DsRed-Monomer, AcGFP1, and mCherry proteins are truly monomeric fluorescent proteins that are ideal for use as fusion tags. ZsGreen1 and tdTomato are supremely bright fluorescent proteins that are excellent reporters for gene expression, or for measuring transduction/transfection efficiency. mCherry is a very popular mutant derived by directed mutagenesis of mRFP1, a monomeric mutant of DsRed. DsRed-Express2 is a rapidly maturing variant of Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein (DsRed). It is highly soluble and was designed to be better suited for cell and stem cell applications.

All Living Colors proteins are detectable without added cofactors or substrates, making them exceptional, noninvasive tools for live cell studies.

DsRed-Monomer & AcGFP1

  • Truly monomeric proteins (see DsRed-Monomer for more information)
  • Ideal for tagging proteins for trafficking and localization studies
  • Distinct spectra make them excellent choices for double labeling experiments

ZsGreen1 & tdTomato

  • The brightest green and red fluorescent proteins—(2.5X and 3.5X brighter than EGFP, respectively)
  • IRES bicistronic expression for monitoring transduction efficiency
  • Separate expression of your cDNA and a fluorescent protein from a single transcript


  • A bright monomeric protein
  • Matures very rapidly—its t1/2 for maturation at 37°C is approximately 15 minutes


  • Rapidly maturing red fluorescent protein with enhanced solubility and reduced green emission
  • Well-suited for cell and stem cell applications

High Titer Lentiviral Packaging & Lenti-X 293T Cell Line

We highly recommended two products for the production of high-titer lentivirus from all our lentiviral vectors; Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots (VSV-G) and our Lenti-X 293T Cell Line. This combination generates titers that are much higher than those produced by other commercially available systems. Frequently, an entire dish of target cells can be effectively transduced using just 10 µl of unconcentrated viral supernatant.

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  • Monitor the expression of your lentiviral-delivered genes with fluorescent tags and markers.

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
632155 pLVX-AcGFP1-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632154 pLVX-AcGFP1-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632557 pLVX-AmCyan1-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632558 pLVX-AmCyan1-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632559 pLVX-DsRed-Express2-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632560 pLVX-DsRed-Express2-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632153 pLVX-DsRed-Monomer-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632152 pLVX-DsRed-Monomer-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632187 pLVX-IRES-ZsGreen1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
631237 pLVX-IRES-mCherry Vector 20 ug $676.00 License Statements *
631238 pLVX-IRES-tdTomato Vector 20 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632587 pLVX-PAmCherry-C1 Vector 10 ug $693.00 License Statements *
632586 pLVX-PAmCherry-N1 Vector 10 ug $693.00 License Statements *
632566 pLVX-ZsGreen1-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632565 pLVX-ZsGreen1-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632561 pLVX-mCherry-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632562 pLVX-mCherry-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632564 pLVX-tdTomato-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632563 pLVX-tdTomato-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
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