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Viral Transduction

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10 Minute Lentiviral Titer Test—Lenti-X GoStix

Lenti-X GoStix are rapid, simple and effective tools for instantly confirming the presence of lentivirus in packaging cell supernatants. The test detects lentiviral p24 in only 20 µl of supernatant. How much time and effort could you save if you INSTANTLY knew the quality of your lentiviral supernatant before transducing your target cells, rather than 3 days after? Lenti-X GoStix take only 10 minutes to assess lentivirus titer and determine whether your supernatants are ready for harvesting, so you’ll know right away whether to STOP virus production or keep GOING. Avoid costly losses from harvesting your virus prematurely, and maximize your returns by harvesting your supernatants at exactly the right time.

Lenti-X GoStix can be used:

  • To determine whether lentivirus production is within a usable range
  • To select the optimal time to harvest your virus

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  • Test for lentivirus titer in 10 minutes
  • Distinguish between good and bad preps
  • Know when to harvest lentiviral supernatants


  • Confirm successful lentiviral packaging reactions

Additional Information

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631243 Lenti-X™ GoStix™ 20 Tests $347.00 License Statements
631244 Lenti-X™ GoStix™ 50 Tests $727.00 License Statements



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