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Viral Transduction

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Increase Your Lentiviral Titer 100 Fold without Ultracentrifugation

Lenti-X Concentrator is the best method for concentrating any lentiviral stock—just mix your lentiviral supernatant with the concentration reagent, incubate, and spin the mixture in a standard centrifuge. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Watch the video to learn more…

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Efficient Concentration

You can expect up to a 100-fold increase in lentiviral titer and excellent recovery—all with no ultracentrifugation. In this experiment, lentiviral supernatant was concentrated from 3 ml to 300 µl using Lenti-X Concentrator. Titer increased by ~100 fold and >90% of the lentivirus remained functional after concentration.

Efficient concentration with high yield

Efficient concentration with high yield. Lentivirus containing pLVX-ZsGreen1 was concentrated using Lenti-X Concentrator. Titer was evaluated by infection of HT1080 cells. Forty-eight hours post-transduction, infected cells were analyzed by flow cytometric analysis of ZsGreen1 expression. Titers are shown before and after concentration with Lenti-X Concentrator.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Lenti-X Concentrator can be used with any starting supernatant volume and any starting titer. In this example, a large volume of lentiviral supernatant (250 ml) was concentrated to 2.5 ml using Lenti-X Concentrator (Panel A); a ~100-fold concentration in titer was obtained. In Panel B, various starting titers (high, medium, and low) were concentrated using Lenti-X Concentrator. In all cases, there was a significant increase in titer after concentration.

Concentration from any sample

Concentration from any sample. In these experiments, lentivirus containing ZsGreen1 was used. Samples collected before and after concentration were used to infect HT1080 cells, and titer was assessed 48 hr post-transduction by flow cytometric analysis of ZsGreen1 expression. Panel A. Lentiviral supernatant was diluted into 250 ml and then concentrated to 2.5 ml using Lenti-X Concentrator. Panel B. 10-fold serial dilutions of a high-titer lentiviral supernatant (high, medium, and low) were concentrated from a volume of 10 ml down to 100 µl using the Lenti-X Concentrator Reagent. Titers are shown before and after concentration.

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