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Viral Transduction

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Lentiviral Particles for Fluorescent Labeling of Specific Subcellular Structures

Clontech has partnered with Vectalys to provide high-titer, high-purity, ready-to-use lentiviral particles for fluorescent labeling of specific subcellular structures. These particles deliver sequences that express fluorescent protein tags (AcGFP1 or mCherry) targeted to specific subcellular locations. Transduction allows direct visualization of specific organelles or structures, creating reporter cells that are useful for investigating protein localization, protein dynamics, and protein trafficking. Particles are available to visualize the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, endosomes, golgi, cytoskeleton, and plasma membrane. These lentiviral particles can be used to transduce a variety of cell types including those that may be resistant to other gene delivery methods, such as primary cells and stem cells. The fluorescent markers offered (AcGFP1 and mCherry) allow for multicolor labeling and direct detection by fluorescence microscopy.

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  • What does 109 TU/ml mean?
    • In each microliter there will be at least 1 x 106 functional lentivirus particles.
    • Each 60 µl kit is sufficient for 30 transductions (using an MOI of 10) in a 6-well plate containing 2 x 105 cells/well

      NOTE: Lentiviral particles are also available in single 20 µl aliquots sufficient for 10 transductions.

    • Lentiviral Particles
  • Ready-to-use particles can be added directly to cells
    • Highly concentrated lentiviral particles; all lots are >109 transducing units (TU) per ml (functional titer, not a just a particle count)
    • High purity lentiviral particles—transduce cells without cytotoxicity
  • Expression can be monitored in living cells by fluorescence microscopy
    • AcGFP1 is a true monomeric green fluorescent protein with spectral properties similar to those of EGFP
    • mCherry is the most widely adopted monomeric red fluorescent protein
    • Learn more about the properties of these fluorescent proteins
  • Particles available for labeling the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, actin, mitochondria, tubulin, endosome, golgi, and plasma membrane
  • These vectors have a puromycin resistance cassette and the stable clones integrating these constructs can be selected using Puromycin.


  • Cell organelle/structure labeling—monitor protein localization, protein trafficking, organelle dynamics, etc.
  • Simple method for generating stable reporter cell lines

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
0013VCT rLV.EF1.AcGFP1-Actin-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0014VCT rLV.EF1.AcGFP1-Tubulin-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0015VCT rLV.EF1.AcGFP1-Golgi-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0016VCT rLV.EF1.AcGFP1-Nuc-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0017VCT rLV.EF1.AcGFP1-Mito-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0018VCT rLV.EF1.AcGFP1-Endo-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0019VCT rLV.EF1.AcGFP1-Mem-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0020VCT rLV.EF1.mCherry-Actin-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0021VCT rLV.EF1.mCherry-Tubulin-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0022VCT rLV.EF1.mCherry-Golgi-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0023VCT rLV.EF1.mCherry-Nuc-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0024VCT rLV.EF1.mCherry-Mito-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0025VCT rLV.EF1.mCherry-ER-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
0026VCT rLV.EF1.mCherry-Mem-9 3 x 20 uL $1,769.00 License Statements *
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