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Viral Transduction

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Easily Deliver Bright Fluorescent Proteins to your Target Cells

Ready-to-use lentiviral particles for fluorescent cell labeling

Labeling cells with fluorescent proteins, either general cell marking or labeling specific subcellular structures, can be hindered by difficulty in gene delivery or inability to obtain adequate fluorescent protein expression.

Our high-quality, ready-to-use lentiviral particles can be used to deliver and express ultra-bright fluorescent protein variants to virtually any human cell type—even those that are resistant to traditional methods of gene delivery (e.g., non-proliferating cells, stem cells, and terminally differentiated cells). These particles result in long-term, constitutive expression of untargeted, cytoskeleton-targeted, or organelle-targeted fluorescent proteins, generating cells that are suitable for:

  • Investigating protein localization
  • Monitoring protein trafficking
  • Tracking cells in real-time
  • Studying organelle dynamics and morphology

Delivery of fluorescent proteins targeted to specific subcellular locations


Structure Examples
(Click to view larger size)
Targeting Protein/Tag Fluorescent Protein Options*
Golgi apparatus AcGFP1-Golgi N-terminal 81 amino acids of human β 1,4-galactosyl-
transferase, which contains a membrane-anchoring signal peptide (localizes to the transmedial region)
AcGFP1, mCherry
Nucleus AcGFP1/mCherry-Nucleus Three tandem repeats of the SV40 large T-antigen nuclear localization signal AcGFP1, mCherry
Endoplasmic Reticulum mCherry Targeting sequence of calreticulin; KDEL retrieval sequence mCherry
Mitochondria mCherry-Mitochondria/mCherry-Mitochondria Targeting sequence from subunit VII of cytochrome c oxidase AcGFP1, mCherry
Endosomes AcGFP1-Endosomes RhoB GTPase (localizes to the surface of vesicles of the endocytic pathway) AcGFP1
Plasma membrane AcGFP1-Plasma Membrane N-terminal 20 amino acids of neuromodulin, which contains a palmitolylation signal AcGFP1, mCherry


Structure Examples
(Click to view larger size)
Targeting Protein Fluorescent Protein Options*
Actin mCherry-Actin/AcGFP1-Actin Human β-actin AcGFP1, mCherry
Tubulin mCherry-Tubulin/AcGFP1-Tubulin Human α-tubulin AcGFP1, mCherry


AcGFP1 and mCherry proteins are truly monomeric fluorescent proteins that are ideal fusion tags. AcGFP1 protein is very stable, allowing visualization over an extended period of time. mCherry protein is highly photostable and resistant to photobleaching. The distinct spectra of these fluorescent proteins allow them to be used in double labeling experiments.

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Clontech’s Living Colors fluorescent proteins

Living Colors fluorescent proteins are detectable without added cofactors or substrates and can be detected directly by fluorescence microscopy. The fluorescent proteins (alone and fusions) do not compromise cell structure or interfere with cellular physiology, making them ideal tools for visualizing living cells.

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