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Viral Transduction

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Ecotropic Lentivirus

Lentiviral packaging systems that produce high-titer lentivirus pseudotyped with the mCAT-1 envelope glycoprotein allow you to limit transduction to mouse and rat cells. It is also possible to transduce human cell types with ecoptropic lentivirus—but only if you pre-treat those cells with Ecotropic Receptor Booster, which allows for a high infection efficiency regardless of the cell line used.

Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots (Ecotropic)

Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots produce lentivirus pseudotyped with the MLV ecotropic envelope glycoprotein, which allows you to limit transduction to mouse and rat cells. The system uses a fourth generation lentiviral packaging technology (see video) that results in high level expression of the viral components when transfected into the Lenti-X 293T Cell Line (sold separately).

Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots (Ecotropic) provide a one-step production method to generate high-titer lentivirus. Each tube of Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots (Ecotropic) contains pre-measured, lyophilized Xfect Transfection Reagent and an optimized formulation of Lenti-X lentiviral packaging plasmids. High-titer ecotropic lentivirus is produced by adding the lentiviral vector of choice in sterile water to the tube, reconstituting, and then using the mixture to transfect 293T cells in a 10-cm dish.

Ecotropic Receptor Booster

The Ecotropic Receptor Booster is used to temporarily elevate the density of the ecotropic receptor protein mCAT-1 on the surface of any target cell that you wish to infect. For example, this technology can be used to efficiently transduce human cells with ecotropic retrovirus or lentivirus that otherwise could only infect rodent cells. The technology also allows you to increase the infection efficiency of any type of cells that are resistant to viral infection, generating a high transfection efficiency regardless of the cell type used.

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  • Lentiviral packaging that allows you to limit transduction to mouse and rat cells
  • Fourth-generation lentiviral packaging system; transactivation cascade results in high expression of the viral components in Lenti-X 293T cells, leading to high lentivirus titers (see video)
  • Ecotropic Receptor Booster increases the efficiency of transduction by temporarily increasing the concentration of viral receptor proteins on your target cells, and even permits efficient transduction of human cells
  • Applying the Ecotropic Receptor Booster to your target cells leads to high infection efficiency, regardless of the cell line used
  • This system is also available as Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots (Ecotropic), pre-aliquoted, lyophilized, single tubes of Xfect Transfection Reagent premixed with an optimized formulation of Lenti-X lentiviral packaging plasmids


  • Lentiviral transduction of mouse and rat cells
  • Lentiviral transduction of human cells, if the Ecotropic Receptor Booster is used

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631251 Lenti-X™ HTX Ecotropic Packaging System 20 Rxns $930.00 License Statements
631471 Ecotropic Receptor Booster 20 Rxns $269.00 License Statements
631278 Lenti-X™ Packaging Single Shots (Ecotropic) 16 Rxns $795.00 License Statements


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