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Adeno-X Expression System 3

The Adeno-X Adenoviral System 3 is the most advanced commercially available adenoviral gene delivery system—providing by far the simplest, fastest, and most efficient method for constructing recombinant adenoviral vectors.

Why Choose Adenoviral Gene Delivery?

Adenoviral gene transfer is one of the most reliable methods for introducing genes into mammalian cells. Because infection by adenovirus is not cell-cycle dependent, you can deliver your gene to primary as well as transformed cell lines. Adenoviruses are ideal tools for protein production in mammalian cells because following infection, your target gene is transiently expressed at very high levels since many cells receive multiple copies of the recombinant genome. Additionally, adenoviruses are capable of infecting a wide variety of proliferating and quiescent cell types from many different animal species including humans, non-human primates, pigs, rodents, mice, and rabbits.

Clone Into Adenovirus Just Like Any Other Plasmid

Until now the main drawback of commercially supplied adenoviral vector systems has been the need to use complex cloning procedures to overcome the difficulties with cloning into large (~34 kb) plasmids. Procedures have included precloning into shuttle vectors and subcloning through multiple steps and multiple different strains of E. coli, all of which increase hands-on time and gives more room for error. At Clontech, our Adeno-X virologists thought “wouldn’t it be great if you could clone directly into the adenoviral plasmid just like any plasmid?” They then harnessed the power of In-Fusion HD PCR cloning technology to make this happen.

There Is No Simpler Adenoviral Expression System

The procedure for creating recombinant adenovirus using the Adeno-X Adenoviral System 3 cannot be simpler. The system relies upon the ability of the In-Fusion HD enzyme to precisely recognize and fuse 15 bp of homology between two linear DNA molecules. To generate short regions of homology to the prelinearized pAdeno-X vector, simply add 15 bp of additional sequence to the primers you use to PCR amplify your gene of interest. Then, combine the DNA together with the In-Fusion HD enzyme in a 15 min reaction and transform Stellar Competent Cells. Cloning is always directional and 90% of the clones contain the correct insert. The kit includes a control cloning fragment, primers for colony PCR verification of positive clones and a Nucleobond Xtra kit for transfection-grade plasmid purification.

Very High Titer, Easily Amplified, Very Stable

Recombinant adenoviruses such as Adeno-X are lytic only in packaging cells that provide the essential E1 protein in trans (such as HEK 293 cells). This lytic mechanism of amplification means that virus particles produced by one cell can reinfect adjacent packaging cells to produce a cascade of virus production and ultimately far higher titers (>109 IFU/ml) than can be achieved with any recombinant lentivirus system. Moreover, it is very simple to reamplify and make more virus particles. Unlike lentivirus production, there is no need to optimize transfection conditions, you simply reinfect HEK 293 cells with your existing adenovirus prep and wait for the packaging cells to produce more virus. Adenovirus can be stored in high titer aliquots frozen for long-term studies.

Multiple Formats Are Available

Adeno-X Adenoviral System 3 is available in seven formats, including the most advanced tetracycline inducible expression system, constitutive expression systems with or without fluorescent reporters, and universal systems that allow you to clone and express any entire expression cassette of your choice.

Tetracycline Inducible Expression

When you clone your gene into pAdenoX-Tet3G you are creating a system with the tightest and most sensitive control of gene expression. Tightly-controlled, doxycycline-induced expression is as easy as constitutive expression since the Tet-On 3G transactivator protein and the PTRE3G controlled gene of interest are contained on the same adenoviral vector. Up to 3000-fold induction can be achieved using this system.

Clone Any Expression Cassette Into the Universal Vectors

You are not limited to using a CMV expression system—we have created universal adenoviral systems with vectors that lack a promoter and polyA signal in the cloning site. Simply amplify an entire expression cassette (from promoter to polyA) from a pre-existing construct and clone using In-Fusion HD. Universal systems can be used for expression from alternative promoters that are more suitable to your target cell type such as EF1 alpha or tissue-specific promoters. Alternatively, you may wish to transfer your shRNA or miRNA expression cassette from a pre-existing plasmid to one of the universal pAdenoX vectors in order to create a high efficiency RNAi delivery system. Even if your expression cassette does not exist you can create one using multiple fragment cloning.

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632269 Adeno-X™ Adenoviral System 3 (CMV) 10 Rxns $1,092.00 License Statements
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632268 Adeno-X™ Adenoviral System 3 (CMV, Red) 10 Rxns $1,253.00 License Statements *
631180 Adeno-X™ Adenoviral System 3 (Tet-On® 3G Inducible) 10 Rxns $1,868.00 License Statements *
632266 Adeno-X™ Adenoviral System 3 (Universal) 10 Rxns $1,092.00 License Statements
632264 Adeno-X™ Adenoviral System 3 (Universal, Green) 10 Rxns $1,253.00 License Statements *
632265 Adeno-X™ Adenoviral System 3 (Universal, Red) 10 Rxns $1,253.00 License Statements *
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