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Viral Transduction

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Early Detection of Adenovirus

Adeno-X GoStix save time and effort during adenovirus production by providing a simple and rapid test for the status of adenovirus rescue even before cytopathic events are observed. Simply apply 20 µl of culture supernatant to the GoStix cassette, chase it through with 4 drops of buffer and wait 2–20 min for a band to appear in the window of the cassette. Each test is sensitive enough to detect adenovirus in a small amount of crude supernatant, and is also used to ensure maximum yields during the adenovirus amplification process (we employ these same test cassettes to determine the optimum time to harvest virus from infected cells). Just 20 µl of supernatant is tested each day following infection of HEK 293 cells. The presence of a strong band in the cassette window ensures that high-titer adenovirus is harvested at the peak time.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
632270 Adeno-X™ GoStix™ 20 Tests $347.00 License Statements


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