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Viral Transduction

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AAV Particle Packaging without a Helper Virus: AAVpro Helper Free System (AAV2)

The AAVpro Helper Free System (AAV2) is a kit for the preparation of serotype 2 AAV (AAV2) particles without the use of a helper virus. The AAV2 particles produced with this system can be used to obtain transient expression of the target gene in mammalian cells or individual animals. When introducing genes to animals (in vivo transduction), purification with the AAVpro Purification Kit (AAV2) is required.

Preparation of AAV2 Particles with the AAV Helper Free System

The AAV Helper Free System is a unique system for the preparation of high titer AAV particles without the use of a helper virus. This kit includes three plasmids encoding the factors necessary to prepare recombinant AAV particles by transfection of HEK293T cells. To prepare particles, co-transfect HEK293T cells with the three plasmids, and 2-3 days later extract particles using the included AAV Extraction Solution, a reagent that allow simple and efficient AAV particle isolation while minimizing protein and nucleic acid contamination.

  • pAAV-CMV: Plasmid for cloning the gene of interest (GOI)*. Includes a CMV promoter for gene expression and two ITRs.
    * The size of the target gene cloned into the pAAV-CMV vector should be <2.5 kb as there is a limit to the size of DNA that can be encapsulated in AAV particles.
  • pRC2-mi342: Plasmid that carries the Rep and Cap genes of AAV2 and  an expression cassette for has-miR-342*
    * hsa-miR-342 is a human microRNA that increases AAV2 titer in this vector preparation system. It increases titer by approximately 2-fold as compared to ordinary pRC2 vectors that express only Rep and Cap.
  • pHelper: Plasmid that contains adenovirus E2A, E4, and VA, genes required for efficient AAV production.

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  • Preparation of high titers of AAV2 particles without the use of a helper virus

Additional Product Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. The Certificates of Analysis is located under the Documents tab.

New Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
6230 AAVpro™ Helper Free System (AAV2) 20 ug Each $876.00 License Statements


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